Sanyo PLC-XK3010 Проектор
Multimedia Projector


This Multimedia Projector is designed with the most advanced technology for portability, durability, and ease of use. This Projector utilizes built-in multimedia features, a palette of 16.77 million colors, and matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. ♦ Compact Design This Projector is designed compact in size and weight. It is easy to carry and installed anywhere you wish to use. ♦ Simple Computer System Setting The Projector has the Multi-scan system to conform to almost all computer output signals quickly (p.28). Up to WUXGA resolution can be accepted. ♦ Useful Functions for Presentations - The digital zoom function allows you to focus on the crucial information during a presentation (p.35). - The MIC function and 10W audio output allows you to make a presentation without any external audio equipment (p.24). ♦ Lamp Control Brightness of the projection lamp can be selected (pp.25, 52). ♦ Direct OFF Function With the Direct OFF function, you can disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet or turn off the breaker even during projection (p.20). ♦ Logo Function The Logo function allows you to customize the screen logo (pp.46-48). You can capture an image for the screen logo and use it for the starting-up display or between presentations. ♦ Multilanguage Menu Display Operation menu is available in 20 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Kazakh, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai.(p.44) ♦ Security Function_ The Security function helps you to ensure security of the Projector. With the Key lock function, you can lock the operation on the top control or remote control (p.53). PIN code lock function prevents unauthorized use of the Projector (pp.19, 53-54). ♦ Helpful Maintenance Functions Lamp and filter maintenance functions provide for better and proper maintenance of the Projector. ♦ LAN Network Function This Projector is loaded with the Wired LAN network function. You can operate and manage the Projector via network. For details, refer to the owner's manual of “Network Setup and Operation.” ♦ Auto Setup Function This function enables Input search, Auto Keystone correction and Auto PC adjustment by simple pressing the AUTO SETUP button on the top control (p.45). ♦ Colorboard Function At the time of simple projection on the colored wall, you can get the close color image to the color image projected on a white screen by selecting the similar color to the wall color from the preset four colors. ♦ Switchable Interface Terminal The Projector provides a switchable interface terminal. You can use the terminal as computer input or Monitor output conveniently. (p.49) ♦ Power Management The Power management function reduces power consumption and maintains the lamp life (p.49). ♦ Closed Caption This is a printed version of the program sound or other information displayed on the screen. You can turn on the feature and Switch the channels. (p.51)

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