EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 368 Generator
The EICO model 368 TV“FM Sweep Generator is to our knowledge the finest and most highly perfected instrument of its type available for factory and service alignment of tv and fm receivers. The Model 368not only incorporates new features which are unusual for instruments in the price range, but provides more ranges and better performance than any competitive make. The features are listed below. • Entirely electronic sweep circuit (no moving parts, hum, or vibration) using an increductor unit, in which the Oscillator coil inductance depends on the controllable excitation current in the primary windings of the unit. The increductor provides a large and smoothly variable sweep width and the sweep obtained is extremely linear and stable. There is also nothing to fatigue or wear out with use and age. The availability of a large sweep width renders operation of the instrument non-critical, since the band-pass region is easily located on the scope trace even when tv set or Generator are considerably off frequency. Once the band-pass waveform is located, it is only a matter of adjusting the sweep Generator center frequency, the sweepwidth, and thephasingof the60cps sweep voltage fed to the horizontal Amplifier of the'scope to cause the pattern to fill the desired section of the 'scope screen. • Extremely flat RF output provided by newly-designed AGC circuit which automatically adjusts the Oscillator for maximum output on each band with minimum amplitude variations. Resonance - free RF choke eliminates “suck-out" points anywhere in the RF spectrum. The AGC action constitutes an electronic regulation of the output, not the Power supply (which would be undesirable). • Extremely high RF output level on all five bands permits the cold alignment of all tuned circuits and filters. • Phased 60 cps sine sweep (fed to horizontal axis of ’scope) is obtained by bleeding and filtering a large voltage from a secondary winding of the power transformer. In this way, the 60 cps sweep voltage is both undistorted and isolated from the line. The undistorted sine sweep provides excellent linearityof frequency versus horizontal displacement on the 'scope screen. • Multiple marker system for easieralignment. A variable frequency marker oscillators covers from 2 me to 75 me on fundamentals in three ranges and from 60 me to 225 me on harmonicsof highest fundamental range. (Note that the marker range includes the color burst frequency of 3.58 me.) The fixed marker is a crystal controlled Oscillator employing a 4.5 me crystal supplied with the instrument. As the crystal plugs into a panel mount, other crystals may easily be substituted when desired. Fixed and variable osci I lators have a common output, controlled by a fine attenuator, which affects the markers only, and a coarse step attenuator, which affects both the markers and the swept RF output. When fixed and variable markers are mixed, pips appearon the 'scope trace at the fundamental and harmonic frequencies of both and at the difference and sum frequencies. If the pips so obtained are not close enough for a particular job, a crystal of lower frequency can be used. The output to another marker Generator can be fed into an external marker connector on the panel if the work requires a marker frequency not covered by the internal variable Oscillator. The external marker can also be used to beat against the internal fixed and variable markers to provide a third set of marker pips. The output of the internal marker Oscillator can also be taken out of the external marker connector for external use, if desired. • Positive action return trace blanking. • Double pi line isolation filter. • Tuning dials protected by plexiglass windows. Edge- lit hairline indicators provide exceptional tuning accuracy because paral lax error is eliminated from settings. 6 : 1 vernier tuning mechanism for ease of fine adjustment. • Advanced wiring techniques and heavy filtering e- liminates hum and leakage.

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