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BK Precision - 4017B - Generator
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The B&K Precision Model 4017B Sweep/Function Generator is the newest 40XX family member. The 4017B enhances the performance achieved by its successful predecessor, BK Precision Model 4017A Sweep/Function Generator. These performances are achieved by using direct digital waveform synthesis (DDS) techniques for generating high accuracy and precision frequencies. A high performance Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controls every aspect of the DDS system, and is used for precise generation and processing of waveforms. The 4017B has a vast number of applications in both analog and digital electronics, in the engineering, manufacturing, servicing, educational and hobbyist fields. This versatile signal source is capable of generating waveform (such as sine, triangle and square), pulse generation (through variable symmetry) and frequency sweep. Additionally, the instrument provides a built-in frequency counter. The core of the function generator is a DSP, which is used to generate precision sine, square or triangle waveforms over 0.01Hz to 10MHz range. This encompasses subaudible, audio, ultrasonic and RF applications. The symmetry of the waveforms can be changed between 0% to 100% in 1% step, converting the instrument to a pulse generator capable of generating rectangular waves or pulses, ramp or sawtooth waves and slued sine waves. An external voltage may be used to control operating frequency that can be changed using a ratio between 1:1 and 1:100. Frequency sweep can be adjusted by changing the rate and the time sweep, and also the manner in which frequency is changed, linear or logarithmic. The B&K Precision Model 4017B has 3 jacks: 2 for output and 1 input. The OUTPUT jack is the main signal output. The TTL/CMOS jack is a TTL/CMOS compatible square wave output. The VCG/SWEEP jack is an input used for controlling the operating frequency and input to frequency counter. The 4017B is capable of supplying an output level of 20.0Vpp with an offset voltage of ± 10.0Vpp (unloaded) on the main signal output, the OUTPUT jack. The output impedance is 50 ohms; therefore the 50 ohm loaded output level is 10.0Vpp, with an offset voltage capability of ±5.0 Vpp. The output level can be adjusted with a resolution of 1mV and 10m V, depending on the level range being worked on. The offset level can be adjusted with a resolution of 1mV. The 4017B is capable of generating a TTL/CMOS compatible square wave on TTL/CMOS jack. The output level can be up to 14.0 Vpp (unloaded). On the VCG/SWEEP input jack, DC levels can be applied between 0V to 10.0V in order to change the output operating frequency with a ratio between 1:1 and 1:100. This jack is also used as a frequency counter input, for frequencies between 5Hz and 100MHz. The front panel of the Model 4017B includes LCD display, buttons, “intelligent” knobs and an LED in order to operate the unit quick and easy. The “intelligent” knobs are one of the main features of this new model, which reduces the number of controls needed for changing the value of a parameter. The LCD display is a large 2-line 16 columns back lighted display. The unit also features an EIA-RS232 connector on the rear of the unit. This permits the user to remote control the 4017B using ASCII characters. No special hardware or protocols are needed; any dumb terminal or computer serial port can be used. The baud rate is fixed to 9600 BPS.

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