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Philips Medical Systems Avalon FM50 Система наблюдения
Philips Medical Systems
Модель: Avalon FM50
Дата: 2007
Категория: Медицинское и биомедицинское оборудование
Группа: Система наблюдения
Описание: Fetal Monitor
                                    Introducing the Avalon Family of Fetal Monitors

The Avalon family of fetal monitors consists of the Avalon
FM20, FM30, FM40 and FM50. While the FM20/FM30 and the
FM40/FM50 have different form factors, the method of
operation is very similar for all monitors. The Avalon fetal
monitors also share the same transducers and accessories,
and are compatible with the Avalon CTS Cordless Fetal
Transducer System (M2720A).

Intended Use
The Philips Avalon FM20 (M2702A), FM30 (M2703A), FM40
(M2704A) and FM50 (M2705A) Fetal/Maternal Monitors are
intended for non-invasive monitoring of the physiological
parameters of pregnant women during antepartum testing and
labor and delivery. The FM30 and FM50 are additionally
intended for invasive monitoring.
All monitors are intended for monitoring fetal and maternal
heart rates, uterine activity, maternal noninvasive blood
pressure, and additionally for the FM30, FM40 and FM50,
oxygen saturation (SpO 2).
All monitors are intended for generating alarms from fetal
and maternal parameters, for displaying, storing and
recording patient data and related waves, transmitting
patient data to a patient information and surveillance
system on a network, and for postpartum monitoring of the
All monitors are intended for use by trained health care
professionals. They are intended for use in labor and
delivery rooms, antepartum testing areas and during
postpartum recovery in the hospital environment. They are
not intended for use in intensive care units or operating
rooms. The FM20 and FM30 are additionally intended for use
in healthcare facilities outside hospitals, for example in
doctors’ offices, and for use in private households.

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Руководство Тип: Руководство пользователя PhilipsMedical-10639-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страницы: 186
Размер: 15.48 Mbytes (16232196 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Manual-ID/Number: M2703-9001D and/or 451261025621
Дата: 01 Декабрь 2007
Качество: Электронный документ, ни сканирование, очень хорошо читается.
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MD5: 8bca402244efa320ea2c26646e5ddfab
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Who this Book is For
This book is for trained healthcare professionals using the
Avalon FM20, FM30, FM40 and FM50
fetal/maternal monitors. It describes how to set up and use
the monitor and transducers. Familiarize
yourself with all instructions including warnings and
cautions before starting to monitor patients. Read
and keep the Instructions for Use that come with any
accessories, as these contain important
information about application and care and cleaning that is
not repeated in this book.
You should be:
• Trained in the use of fetal heart rate (FHR) monitors.
• Trained in the interpretation of FHR traces.
• Familiar with using medical devices and with standard
fetal monitoring procedures.
For information on how to configure and service the monitor,
refer to the Service Guide, or contact
your authorized service provider.
Your monitor may not have all of the features and options
described in this guide. The exact
appearance of the monitor may differ slightly from that
shown in the illustrations.
In this guide:
• A warning alerts you to a potential serious outcome,
adverse event or safety hazard. Failure to
observe a warning may result in death or serious injury to
the user or patient.
• A caution alerts you to where special care is necessary
for the safe and effective use of the product.
Failure to observe a caution may result in minor or moderate
personal injury or damage to the
product or other property, and possibly in a remote risk of
more serious injury.
• Monitor refers to the entire fetal/maternal monitor.
Display refers to the physical display unit.
Screen refers to everything you see on the monitor’s
display, such as measurements, alarms, patient
data and so forth.
• Whenever a monitor’s identifier appears to the left of a
heading or paragraph, it means that the
information applies to that monitor only. Where the
information applies to all models, no
distinction is made.

Руководство Тип: Руководство по техническому обслуживанию PhilipsMedical-10660-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страницы: 156
Размер: 24.43 Mbytes (25615583 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Manual-ID/Number: M2705-9000A and/or 451261025951
Дата: 01 Январь 2008
Качество: Электронный документ, ни сканирование, очень хорошо читается.
Дата публикации:
MD5: eacf40725264ca020b96c92faa521390
Скачиваний: 188 начиная с 01 Апрель 2018
This Service Guide contains technical details for the Avalon
FM40 and FM50 Fetal/Maternal Monitors. It provides a
technical foundation to support effective troubleshooting
and repair. It is not a comprehensive, in-depth explanation
of the product architecture or technical implementation. It
offers enough information on the functions and operations of
the monitoring systems so that engineers who repair them are
better able to understand how they work. It covers the
physiological measurements and the monitor hardware that
acquires and displays them.
The Avalon FM40/FM50 Fetal Monitor Service Guide supplements
the maintenance and troubleshooting procedures, carried out
by the operator, that are described in the Instructions for
Use. Refer to the Instructions for Use for maintenance and
troubleshooting procedures that may be performed during
normal operation.
Only qualified service personnel should attempt to install
the system, disassemble the monitor, remove or replace any
internal assemblies, or replace the transducer cable or belt

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