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Tektronix Spectra Communications Test Set
Модель: Spectra
Дата: 2005
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Communications Test Set
Описание: Network Diagnostics
                                    Spectra set the industry standard as an
easy-to-use tool for performing sophisticated
 SS7-based signaling testing.
Enhancement requests from our customers
drive Spectra’s design and feature evolution.
 This has helped make us the market
Leader in SS7 test solutions.
Spectra provides integrated Monitoring,
Testing and Generation features for PSTN
technologies. Users can perform deep
protocol analysis, standards-based
conformance testing, network element
emulation and load generation from one
integrated tool.
Monitor – Capture and analyze link data,
perform real-time and post-capture call
trace. View data based on specific criteria
such as phone numbers, error messages
and link status. Collect data from specialized
 tests that you create. Capture and
decode SS7 PDUs from MTP2 to the ISUP
and TCAP layers with full parameter display.
Test – Create any desired test scenario
using Spectra’s menu-driven test-building
capability. Choose from more than 2,400
pre-scripted conformance test cases or
use Spectra’s “Ping-Pong” editor to
create your own test cases. Run and
observe tests in real time. Spectra also
lets you get a detailed look at parameter
values. View post-capture test results.
Save and recall test files, batch test files
together and perform call tracing.
Generate – Stress test network elements
with Spectra’s load generation capabilities
MTP3. Flexible traffic modeling lets users
create multiple call scenarios such as
steady ramping traffic and mass call spikes.
Create and modify number databases
for use by Spectra system generators.
Spectra supports more than 150 PSTN
protocols, including country-specific
variants and equipment manufacturer
implementations. Spectra’s modular
architecture lets you easily add Software
and hardware options. Spectra’s integrated
hardware and Software solution addresses:
Conformance Testing – With over 2,400
defined conformance test cases, Spectra
is the industry-leading product for SS7-
based conformance testing.
Protocol Support – For more than 150
PSTN-based protocols. Spectra’s modular
design lets you add multiple protocol
support as needed.
High-Speed Links – Test SS7/ATM,
SS7/Unchannelized HDLC, M3UA,
M2PA and SUA from a single test tool.
Sigtran – Assess the performance of
Signaling Gateways (SGs) and next-
generation STPs.
Wireless Testing – Test the core network
WIN and IN features of CDMA, GSM,
GPRS and UMTS networks. Easily monitor
MAP and A-interface transactions.

Features & Benefits
Monitor and Test SS7 and ISDN
Signaling Networks
Conformance Testing For:
Sigtran, HSL, ISUP, GSM, TCAP,
Conformance, Validation and
Regression Testing (CVR)
Network Element Emulation SSP,
Complete Support for Standard
Protocols and Signaling Interfaces
One Box for All of Your
Testing Needs
PCI Processing Cards
for Increased Link and
Traffic Capacity
Scalable Architecture for
Multi-protocol Analysis
Over 2,400 PSTN Protocol
Conformance Test Cases
Reduce Lab Equipment Cost
with Network Element Simulation
(STPs, SCPs, HLRs)

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