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ETS Lindgren 1060-1.5m Test Set
ETS Lindgren
Модель: 1060-1.5m
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Test Set
Описание: Equipment Testing Turntabl
                                    SYSTEM DESCRIPTION

The Emco Equipment Testing Turntable is designed for use in
compliance testing.

Rotation is provided by a drive system which includes an
electric motor, electric brake and a drive gear reduction
arrangement. Approximately 370 degrees of rotation are
provided before travel is stopped by mechanically actuated
limit switches, which are preset at the factory.

The base of the turntable is constructed of marine grade
plywood, the platform is fabricated of either marine grade
plywood covered with formica or solid 3/8" steel plate,
depending on the model chosen. Both platforms are designed
to provide strength and rigidity and resist degradation due
to harsh environments. The drive unit is attached to the
base section, as is the phenolic support and the stationary
member of the center bearing.

In addition to mechanical limits, the controller has the
capability to move the table a full 370 degrees of rotation
as well as any smaller arc of the circle. For further
explanation of controller functions and programming, see the
manual section entitled "Controller Operation and Programming".

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