Информация по оборудованию:

Symetrix 524E Кроссовер
Модель: 524E
Дата: 1993
Категория: Профессиональное музыкальное оборудование
Группа: Кроссовер
Описание: Multi-mode Electronic Crossover
                                    The Symetrix 524E is a high-performance multi-mode
crossover/speaker processor. The 524E can be used in stereo
two-way and mono three- and four-way systems. But
wait...there's more! Not only will the 524E slice your input
signal into as many as four bands, it will also protect
those expensive transducers from overload and it allows
optimizing driver alignment.

In today’s state-of-the art audio systems, the system
Crossover must now do more than simply slice and dice the
audio signal into discrete frequency bands. Driver
alignment, driver protection, CD horn EQ,LF tailoring are
all parameters that the modem system Crossover now must provide.

Эти руководства доступны для вышеуказанного оборудования:

Руководство Тип: Обслуживание и Руководство пользователя Symetrix-9913-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страницы: 56
Размер: 9.25 Mbytes (9697611 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Редакция: 1.0
Manual-ID/Number: 530200
Дата: 16 Март 1993
Качество: Отсканированы документу, все читается.
Дата публикации:
MD5: 1dd8f8cc4762f3e53f6c18a3537a1f09
Скачиваний: 122 начиная с 23 Декабрь 2017
This manual contains the following sections:

Section 1,Introductioix introduces the 524E and this manual.

Section 2,Crossover Basics, lets you know what the 524
does, and how it does it.

Section 3,Technical Tutorial, covers signal levels,input
and output impedances, and connection polarity.

Section 4, Front Panel Oueruieu;, offers a brief look at the
controls and switches of the 524E.

Section 5, Rear Panel Overview, offers brief look at the
connectors and rear panel of the 524E.

Section 6,Fast, First Time Setup, is a section written
especially for people who just can't wait to get their hands
on the knobs.

Section 7,Using the 524E, describes the use of the 524E in

Section 8. Applications, describes a few special hookups for
the 524E.
Section 9, Troubleshooting, tells what to do if the 524E
doesn't work.

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