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Telecommunications Techniques Corporation T-BERD 224 Analyzer
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation
Модель: T-BERD 224
Дата: 1991
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Analyzer
Описание: PCM Analyzer
                                    The T-BERD 224 PCM Analyzer is a comprehensive, full-duplex,
T1 channel access Test Set. It provides test and monitor
access to VF, DSO, fractional T1 (FT1), DSOA, DSOB, and
datalink channels from virtually any T1 access point. Single
and dual drop capabilities allow users to hear or observe
live voice and data traffic. Bi-directional drop and insert
capabilities allow users to insert test tones or data into a
channel(s) in either T1 transmission direction to perform
out-of-service tests. The T-BERD 224 has two T1 receivers
and two T1 transmitters, it may be placed in-line, at which
point it provides “hitless” drop and insert in either direction.
Typically used in central offices and at the customer
premises, the T-BERD 224 provides circuit installation and
fault isolation testing capabilities. It allows users to
easily troubleshoot problems with voice and data circuits
that are transmitted within T1 interoffice trunks, digital
loop carrier systems, and dedicated leased circuits. Remote
control capabilities allow the T-BERD 224 to be rack-mounted
in unmanned facilities and connected to test ports of
digital cross-connect switches and matrix switches.
Standard Features
The T-BERD 224 offers the following standard features and
® Auto mode configuration allows the unit to automatically
determine the incoming Tl signal’s framing and coding and to
configure the T-BERD 224 transmitters and receivers to the
appropriate framing format.
• A SUMMARY Results Category allows key non-zero and out-of-
specification results to be accessed from one results
category without having to search through several menus.
• Full-duplex drop and insert capabilities enable
performance of out-of-service tests in either Tl
transmission direction.
• Built-in speaker enables the user to monitor VF
transmissions in one or both directions.
• Traffic analysis provides a simultaneous display of all 24
channel signaling bits for one or both Tl transmission
• Multiple side panel interfaces provide full-duplex channel
access to external test sets through 2- or 4-wire VF
interfaces and a 64 kb/s DSO Interface.
• DualTl receivers compatible with DID, D2,D3/D4
(Superframe), ESF (Extended Superframe), and SLC™-96 framing
formats provide simultaneous BPV, frame, and CRC error
results, as well as received frequency and signal level (in
volts peak-to-peak, dBdsx, or dBm) measurements for both Tl
• Timing slip analysis detects differences in system timing
between two Tl inputs or between a Tl input and an external
reference signal. Gives a visual indication of wander and
the potential for frame slips.
• Signaling bit control allows users to emulate signaling
toward switches, PBXs, and channel banks.
• VF signal analysis supplies measurement of a tone’s level
and frequency within a VF channel.
User-selectable AMI or Bipolar 8-zero substitution (B8ZS).
• Error insert capability provides BPV, frame error, and
yellow alarm insertion into one of the Tl data streams.
• Full-span capability lets the T-BERD 224 replace the CSU
or Smart Jack, pass simplex current, and receive signal
levels down to -35 dBm.
® RS-232 remote control allows the T-BERD 224 to be used in
unmanned central offices, at remote customer premises, and
on manufacturing production lines.
• All controls and indicators are located on the front
panel. Current test set-ups are confirmed at a glance.

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Руководство Тип: Руководство пользователя TTC-8433-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страницы: 515
Размер: 12.86 Mbytes (13480048 Bytes)
Язык: английский
Редакция: A
Manual-ID/Number: ML11387
Дата: 01 Апрель 1991
Качество: Отсканированы документу, все читается.
Дата публикации:
MD5: 8f3054d7ac824f17c502cf91b0954be0
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This manual provides information about the physical
features, functional operation, and specifications of the
Telecommunications Techniques Corporation (TTC) T-BERD 224
PCM Analyzer. Basic T-BERD 224 Mainframe information is
presented in Sections 1 through 9. Each T-BERD 224 option
and its affect upon the T-BERD 224 is discussed separately
in Sections 10 through 15. You only need refer to the
section(s) for the option(s) installed on your T-BERD 224.
For information about the basic T-BERD 224 channel access
test set, including initial set-up for testing at a Tl
access point, use the T-BERD 224 Mainframe sections that
describe basic features and test procedures. For information
on what additional capabilities are added by a particular
option and how to use them, refer to the appropriate section
for that option. Each option’s section includes a
description of its affect on front panei switches,
connections, and test applications.

Руководство Тип: Руководство пользователя TTC-8434-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Страницы: 346
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