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Mosley Electronics Inc. CM-1 Приемник
Mosley Electronics Inc.
Модель: CM-1
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Приемник
Описание: Communications Receiver
                                    The Mosley model CM-1 communications Receiver is the result
of two, years: of continuous development. This compact,
double conversion Receiver offers performance to satisfy the
most advanced and discriminating amateur. Whether you prefer
to work s.s.b., o.m. or c.w., this compact, new double
conversion receiver' with crystal controlled first
Oscillator will give you excellent performance in
selectivity, stability and freedom from image and other
objectionable responses. The design is made possible1 by a
recently developed dual purpose tube so versatile it is
suitable for all of the  multiple functions featured in
modern Receiver. One tube type is used throughout the
Receiver and only five tubes are employed. These five dual
purpose tubes, plus four semiconductor diodes, provide the
functions of twelve tube sections. This design 
approach not only minimizes cost and size, but improves
performance due to the reduced heat generated inside the
Receiver cabinet.

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