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M² Antenna Systems, Inc. 2MCP22 Антенна
M² Antenna Systems, Inc.
Модель: 2MCP22
Дата: 1993
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Антенна
Описание: Circular Polarized Antenna
                                    This cross polarized yagi was computer designed for the
serious OSCAR user. Side and back lobes are
significantly better than any previous design. The average
side and back lobes power have been reduced
by approximately 10 dB, enhancing signal to noise ratio and
putting all your power where it will do the most
good. The 2MCP22 is ideal for general use over the ENTIRE
two meter band from FM to SSB and CW DX.
Arrays of two or more will even permit moonbounce contacts
using the old reliable passive Repeater in the
The unique Driven Eement Modules are CNC machined and
feature O-ring sealed connectors. Internal
connections are encapsulated in a space agesilicone gel with
nearly 4 times the dielectric strength of air.
Elements are 3/16” rod aluminum centered in the boom with UV
stabilized polyethylene button insulators .
The result is minimum interaction and good ellipticity. The
2MCP22 is our finest circular polarized Antenna.
Even if you have used C P antennas before, we are confident
you will be impressed with the 2MCP22 from
the moment you open the box until you've worked DXCC and beyond!

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