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Wiltron 610C Генератор
Модель: 610C
Дата: 1972
Категория: Измерительная техника
Группа: Генератор
Описание: Sweep Generator
                                    The Wiltron Model 610C Sweep Generator is a precision,
compact instrument used to provide high-accuracy.
swept-frequency measurements from 100kHz to 18.5GHz. This
solid-state unit features a very flat output, built-in
leveling, low harmonics, and a versatile frequency marker
system. An extensive series of RF Plug-Ins makes possible
this wide frequency coverage. A variety of factory installed
options extends the versatility of this instrument to suit
the individual needs of the customer. 

As shipped, the Model 610C Sweep Generator is housed in its
own sturdy cabinet for bench top use. A tilt stand is
provided to raise the front panel for better Slide Rule Dial
viewing. Rack mounting ears are available at no extra charge
upon request.
With these installed and the rubber feet removed, the unit
will then occupy 7 inches in a standard 19-inch rack console.

The Main Frame of the Model 610C is used to generate an
accurate, stable, voltage ramp which drives the Oscillator
control circuits in the RF Plug-In being used.

Power supplies and leveling control circuitry are also
housed in this unit. Refer to Section III for a functional
description of each circuit and how they relate to one another.

A versatile system of variable frequency markers is
incorporated into this instrument. With the RF PIP marker
selected, the RF output from the RF Plug-In will be reduced
momentarily to provide the marker. When set to VIDEO, a
negative video pulse at the preset marker frequency is
generated. With the INTENSITY marker selected, the sweep is
delayed momentarily causing an intensification of the
Oscilloscope trace.

The frequency at which the selected marker appears is
determined by the VAR FREQ MKR control setting.

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Manual-ID/Number: 3-610C-OMM
Дата: 1972
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The purpose of this manual is to provide the necessary
information to operate and maintain the Wiltron Model 6lOC
Sweep Generator. A general description of the system, its
specifications, options, and Accessories are contained in
this section. The information necessary to unpack and
install the instrument, a3 well as a full description of
each front and rear panel control, connector, and indicator
function is presented in Section II. Section III provides
the Theory of Operation for the instrument, while
step-by-step procedures for the performance verification,
recalibration, and troubleshooting are presented in Section
IV. A complete list of the replaceable parts and the
schematic diagrams can be found in Sections V and VI,

Schematic Diagrams are missing!

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