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Yaesu FL2100B Усилитель
Модель: FL2100B
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Усилитель
Описание: Linear Amplifier
                                    The FL-2100B Linear Amplifier is designed to match the
FT-101B/277B transceivers in appearance and drive
requirements to run high power input covering the ham bands
80 through 10 meters.

The FL-2100B uses a pair of 572B/T160 transmitting triodes
in a class B grounded grid circuit configuration. The tubes
are forced-air cooled by two very quiet high speed internal
Automatic Level Control circuit controls the exciter gain to
allow the highest average power without distortion caused by
peak clipping. Changeover circuit biases the tubes to
cut-off, eliminating unwanted heat and diode noise
generation when receiving.
An internal changeover relay feeds the Antenna to the
exciter for barefoot operation when the FL-2100B is turned
off or is on standby condition. A built-in SWR bridge
measures SWR on by barefoot and linear operations.

The built-in solid state Power Supply requires no warm-up
period and provides excellent voltage regulation.

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