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KW Communications KW 2000B Приемопередатчик
KW Communications
Модель: KW 2000B
Дата: 1969
Категория: Радио, Связь
Группа: Приемопередатчик
Описание: Single Side Band Transceiver
                                    The K.W. 2000B Transceiver is a complete unit enabling
transmission and reception of single-sideband and CW on all
amateur bands between 1.8 MHz and 30 MHz. Reception of AM
signals is also possible. It is capable of transmitting and
receiving either upper or lower sideband signals. Separate
power units for operation on 200—250v A.C. and 12v D.C. make
the equipment suitable for “fixed” or “mobile” stations
where a compact installation is required.

1—2 Receiver

The Receiver section of the KW 2000A Transceiver is a double
conversion superhet, with a CRYSTAL CONTROLLED 1st MIXER,
and a highly stable VFO, a MECHANICAL FILTER for optimum
OSCILLATOR. Independent Receiver frequency tuning (IRT) is
provided with a deviation of approximately ±6 KHz. A product
detector is used for all modes of reception. Output stage is
capable of delivering 1.5 watts of audio to the loudspeaker.
The equipment is fitted with a cystal calibrator 100 KHz marker.

1—3 Transmitter

The exciter/transmitter section uses the same CARRIER
the receiving section. The PA stage has an output of 100
watts P.E.P. on SSB and 150 watts D.C. input on CW. A Pi
output stage provides a variable output impedance.
Independent Transmitter frequency tuning (ITT) is provided
with a deviation of approximately ±6 KHz from the indicated
dial reading. The equipment is fitted with Voice Control but
can also be operated with a “press to talk” function.

1—4 Power Supplies

Two power supplies are available, one for operation on
200—250v 45—65 Hz A.C. mains supply, and the other for
operation on 12 volts D.C. battery supply. A special A.C.
Power Supply is available for 100—125 volt 60 Hz line
voltage. A power reduction switch is fitted to both types of
Power Supply unit for 160 metre operation. The A.C. power
supply has a loudspeaker incorporated within the cabinet.

1—5 Antenna

The Antenna system used should have a low V.S.W.R. Antennas
for use on “fixed” or “Mobile” installations are available.
Generally a feed impedance of approximately 20 to 300 ohm is
acceptable to Transmitter output Pi circuit.

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Section 1 General Description and Specification

1—1	Introduction	y

1—2	Receiver

1—3	Transmitter

1—4	Power Supplies

1—5	Antenna

1—6	Specification

1—7	Valve and Semi-Conductor Compliment
Section 2 Circuit Description

2—1	Transmitter Circuits

2—2	Receiver Circuits

2—3	Oscillators

2—4	Power Supplies
Section 3 Installation

3—1	Unpacking

3—2	Fixed Station Installation

3—3	Installation with the KW 1000

3—4	Mobile Installation

3—5	Mobile Antenna Installation

3—6	Noise Suppression

3—7	Initial Checks
Section 4 Operation

4—1	Receiver

4—2	Transmitter

4—3	Setting of PA Load Control

4—4	Operation on other 200KHz Segments
Section 5 Service Instruction
5—1	General

5—2	Trouble Analysis

5—3	Signal Tracing Procedure

5—4	Voltage and Resistance Measurements

5—5	Alignment Procedure

5—6	Pre-Selector Receiver 3.5 MHz Band

5—7	Wideband Couplers

5—8	S meter calibration

5—9	Pre-Selector Transmit 3.5 MHz Band

5—10	Carrier Balance

 (Continued)	Page
5—11 Transmitter Sensitivity	5—6

5—12 VFO Calibration and IRT	5—6, 7

5—13 Pre-Selector General	5—7

5—14 Pre-Selector 28.4 MHz Band	5—7

5—15 Neutralising 28.4 MHz Band	5—7

5—16 Pre-Selector 21.3 MHz Band	5—7, 8

5—17 Pre-Selector 14.2 MHz Band	5—8

5—18 Pre-Selector 7.0 MHz Band	5—8

5—19	Pre-Selector 1.8 MHz Band	5—9

Section 6 Tables and Illustrations

Table 6—1 Signal Levels Receiver	6—1

6—2	Signal Levels Transmitter	6—2 6—3 Voltage Measurements
Receive Condition	6—3 6—4 Voltage Measurements Transmit
Condition	6—4 6—5 Resistance Measurements	6—5

Illustration 6—1 Location of Pre-Selector Coils	6—6

6—2 Location of Valves	6—7

6—3 Location of Adjustments and Test Points	6—8

6—4 Inter-connections—Fixed Station	6—9

6—5 Inter-conections—Mobile Station	6—10

6—6 Inter-connections with KW 1000 linear Ampli..cr	6—II
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