Informações sobre o equipamento:

Tektronix TG700 Gerador de padrão de TV
Modelo: TG700
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador de padrão de TV
Descrição: TV Signal Generator Platform
                                    The TG700 TV Signal Generator Platform is a multiformat TV
signal Generator
platform supporting both analog and digital video standards.
The TG700 consists
of a mainframe and up to four Plug-In modules. The modules
are either signal
generators or they provide special functions, such as
genlock capability.
Key Features
The TG700 and the available modules provide the following

 Simultaneous generation of HDTV/SDTV multi format
synchronized signal
and test signal

 Modular architecture with up to four generators or special
function modules

 Analog genlock function dealing with NTSC or PAL black
burst signal,
HDTV trilevel sync signal, and CW signals (AGL7).

 Independent setting of amplitudes, frequencies, and audio
clicks of 16
channel embedded audio signal (DVG7 and HDVG7)

 Circle, logo, and text overlays on test signals (DVG7 and

 Moving picture generation function by scrolling the active
area of the signal
(DVG7 and HDVG7)

 Reference Generator performance level

 Ethernet Interface for remote control and downloading
various files such as
signal files, logo files, and preset files
A signal library and various application Software are
included in the attachment
CD-ROM to execute the following operations:

 Upload and download files such as signal files, logo files,
and preset

 Download the signals from the signal library to the TG700

 Create a logo (logo file) to be inserted into the test signal

 Create a frame picture file using the generation of a
picture or test

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This volume contains the following service manuals:

 TG700 TV Signal Generator Platform Service Manual

 AG7 Audio Generator Service Manual

 AGL7 Analog Genlock Module Service Manual

 ATG7 Analog Test Generator Service Manual

 AVG7 Analog Video Generator Service Manual

 AWVG7 Analog Wideband Video Generator Service Manual

 BG7 Black Generator Service Manual

 DVG7 Digital Video Generator Service Manual

 HDVG7 HDTV Digital Video Generator Service Manual

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