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Associated Research Incorporated Hypot II 3505D Test Set
Associated Research Incorporated
Modelo: Hypot II 3505D
Data: 2000
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Test Set
                                    KEY FEATURES & BENEFITS OF Hypot II
1. No load setup of trip current and output voltage.
This provides the operator with an easy and safe way to set
trip currents and output
voltages since parameters are set without the high voltage
2. Automatic storage of test program.
Hypot II powers up with the parameters that were used during
the last test to avoid
operator set-up errors.
3.All parameters for the setups can be adjusted through a
simple menu driven program.
The easy to follow setup screens ensure that the operator
correctly sets up all test
4.Tamper proof front panel controls.
This makes it possible to limit user access to the setup
screens so that only authorized
personnel with a security code can change test parameters.
5.Line and load regulation.
This system maintains the output voltage to within 1% from
no load to full load and
over the line voltage range to ensure that test results
remain consistent and within
safety agency requirements..
6.The LCD display allows monitoring of current down to 100
microamps AC and 20
microamps DC.
This allows the Hypot II to be used even when test
requirements only allow a very low
level of acceptable leakage current.
7.Electronic dwell settings.
The electronic dwell control helps keep test results
consistent by ensuring that the test
duration is the same for each product tested.
8.PLC remote inputs and outputs.
The standard 9 pin interfaces provide outputs for Pass,
Fail, and Test in Process.
Inputs include Test and Reset. This gives the user all the
basic remotes required to
configure the Hypot II through simple PLC relay control.
9.Front panel LCD displays test parameters and results.
A front panel LCD allows the operator to monitor the test.
The display holds the
results after a test item failure so that the operator can
easily review the test results.
Indications of high fail and continuity failure are clearly
10. Maximum output current 12 milliamps AC and 5 milliamps DC.
This makes this instrument a true hipot tester with enough
output current to test
capacitive loads in AC mode and allows the instrument to
comply with the UL “120ohm” requirements.

11. Software calibration control.
Hypot II is calibrated through the front panel keypad. All
calibration information is
stored in non-volatile memory. This allows Hypot II to be
completely calibrated
without removing any covers and exposing the technician to
hazardous voltages.
12. User selectable output voltage frequencies of 50 or 60
Hypot II was designed for the global market. This feature
makes it simple for the
user to select the output frequency in the AC hipot mode so
that products can be
tested at the same frequency they will be used at.
13. Output voltage fine adjustment.
To make Hypot II usable in all types of applications, the
operator can manually
bring the voltage up or down in 10 volt increments by simply
pressing the up and
down arrow keys. This makes it very easy to adjust the
output voltage even while
Hypot II is in the dwell mode so you can analyze test
results at different voltages.
14. Built-in Continuity test mode.
Hypot II meets ground continuity test requirements called
out by UL and Other safety
15. Flashing high voltage indicator.
A flashing LED located directly over the high voltage
terminal clearly indicates when
high voltage is active to provide maximum operator safety.
16. Comes complete with a test box for products terminated
in a line cord.
The standard US style receptacle box allows easy testing of
hipot and continuity on
line cord terminated products. As an additional benefit,
termination boxes are
available for testing products with line cords configured
for Other countries.
17. User selectable input voltage.
Hypot II can be switched for either 115 or 230 volt input
operation through an easy
access rear panel mounted switch to allow it to be used in
any country.
18. Low-current sense. *
Monitors the minimum level of current flow, thus ensuring
that the DUT is properly
connected and that the hipot test is being performed.
19. Electronic ramping. *
Provides a gradual and timed method to increase output
voltage to the DUT,
minimizing any damage from quickly over-applying high
voltage to sensitive DUTs.
20.Test setup memories. *
The operator can store and recall test setups, thus
eliminating the need to re-enter
setup information.

21. Insulation Resistance Test Mode **
This allows the operator to perform an Insulation Resistance
test independently or in
sequence with the Dielectric Withstand (Hipot) test, thus
eliminating the need for a
separate piece of test equipment when IR testing is required.
22.Insulation Resistance Adjustable Output **
The Insulation Resistance test mode provides an adjustable
output range of 100-1000
volts DC. This gives the user the ability to meet most IR
test requirements.

* Only available on model 3505D, 3565D and 3570D.
** Only available on model 3570D

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