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Bird Electronic Corporation 3171 Outro
Bird Electronic Corporation
Modelo: 3171
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Outro
Descrição: RF Monitor/Alarm
                                    The 3170/71 is a monitoring system made up of a two-channel
power meter with outputs for additional remote meters, and
an alarm system with user adjustable set points. The device
monitors reflected power continuously: If the RFL power
level exceeds the users set point, the alarm is sounded and
an LED is lit showing the cause of the alarm. Both the alarm
and the LED stay energized until the system is reset, either
via the front panel switch or the remote reset input on the
rear panel. The forward power monitoring circuit is
activated and deactivated via a rear panel input. If forward
power drops below the user setpoint while the forward
monitor is active, the alarm will sound and the "FWD Trip1*
LED will light. Both the alarm and the LED will stay
energized until the device is reset. There are four
auxiliary alarm inputs on the rear panel which may be wired
to other equipment as desired. These inputs will sound the
alarm but will not light any LEDs.

Furthermore, the device has two rear panel outputs - each
capable of driving a pilot light or relay directly. One is
energized whenever the alarm is sounding, the other is
activated when the forward power exceeds a separate user
setpoint. This can be used to confirm that power is present
or as a second setpoint for some other purpose.

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