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Delta Elektronika BV EK 030-10 Fonte de alimentação
Delta Elektronika BV
Modelo: EK 030-10
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Fonte de alimentação
Descrição: Linear Power Supply
                                    A new improvement in preregulation makes this linear power
supply as small and efficient as a high frequency switcher,
but with better specifications and at a more economical price.

*	Efficiency 80%

*	Small dimensions

*	Fast response, low ripple

*	Natural convection cooling, no blower

*	No inrush current

*	Ready for programming by computer (via PSC 625 programmer)

*	All programming and monitor levels standardized at 0-5 V
*	Protected against all overload and short circuit conditions
*	Equal current sharing when connected in parallel and equal
voltage sharing when used in series


The efficiency is very high (80%) and constant over a large
output range. At no load the input power is less than 15 Watts.

Input voltage

198-265V 50Hz +/-1 Hz (for use at 220 and	50Hz line voltage)

Up to 25V 10A the input voltage range is 185-265VAC.

This Power supply can only be used at 50 Hz because the
pre-regulation is frequency dependent.

Inrush current

During switch-on the inrush current is kept very low to
avoid stress on the input fuse and switch.

Photo: AC input voltage and current during switch on.

Upper diagram : Input voltage, 200V/div.

Lower diagram: Input current, 5A/div.
Input current

The input current is 2,6 A rms at 220VAC input and 300Watts

Input current shows no Sharp peaks that can cause distortion
at the line voltage.

Photo: Input voltage and current at 300W output

Upper diagram: Input voltage, 200V/div.

Lower diagram: Input current, 5A/div.
Insulation voltage

Input-output 2500 Vrms Input-case 2500 Vrms Output-case 500 VDC

Safety is in accordance with IEC 3^8

For extra safety the input transformer has a split bobbin
with an insulation voltage of 3750Vrms

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