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Conar Coletronics Service Inc. 230 Analyzer
Conar Coletronics Service Inc.
Modelo: 230
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Analyzer
Descrição: Tuned Signal Tracer
                                     THE CONAR model 230 TUNED SIGNAL TRACER

With a tuned signal tracer you can sample the signal at any
point in a radio receiver using either transistors or tubes,
or in any audio Amplifier. With the signal tracer you can
hear how the signal sounds, and thus locate distortion,
intermittent reception, hum, and any other type of
interference. The signal tracer also measures the amplitude
of signals so you can tell accurately the gain or loss in
signal strength in any stage. This signal tracer can be used
as a tuned radio-frequency receiver for receiving radio
stations in the broadcast band.

Take the necessary time to do a really good job of
assembling your signal tracer. If you build your signal
tracer exactly as instructed in this manual you will have an
extremely valuable service instrument.

We have put the diagrams that you will keep referring to on
sheets stapled into the center of this manual, so that you
can remove them and have them handy to refer to. Carefully
open the staples and remove the top two sheets, then close
the staples firmly again.

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