Informações sobre o equipamento:

Metrix 931 K Gerador
Modelo: 931 K
Data: 1967
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador
Descrição: Standard Signal Generator
                                    The Standard Signal Generator 931 H is designed for repairs,
production testing and design work on radio receivers and
similar apparatus, operating in the range 50 kc/s to 50 Mc/s,

1.2.	Frequency is accurately set by the direct reading dial
and a 1000 point per scale vernier gives the possibility of
returning precisely to a previously noted frequency.

1.3.	The RF circuit is designed for low drift and low
harmonic content end output is practically constant
throughout any given range. A strong detent mechanism gives
exact positioning of the coil turret.

1.4* Output, adjustable from a few tenths of a microvolt to
one volt on RF, ten times as much on AF, is monitored
permanently by a moving coil meter.

1.5.	Output may be unmodulated RF, modulated RF (internal or
external), AF, or multivibrator. All outputs may be used
with the attenuator. RF level, modulation depth, and AF
level are all monitored.

1.G, The attenuator consists of a non inductive
potentiometer feeding a ladder network. Output impedance is
near 75 Ω except for 100 nV output lovol (0 to 40 Ω).

1.7» A standby Switch is provided that cuts all RF and AF
outputs whilst leaving the heaters on and dissipating the
same total heat as on normal output.

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