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Tektronix DM 501 Multímetro digital
Modelo: DM 501
Data: 1977
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Multímetro digital
                                    The DM 501 Digital multimeter measures DC and AC voltage and
current, resistance and temperature. The AC functions
respond to average values, and display RMS values. A single
front-panel control selects all functions and ranges. A push
button selects front panel input or rear Interface connector
input. Temperature measurements are made using a Tektronix
P6058 Probe (Part No. 010-0260-00) or Other suitable sensing
devices. Option 1 instruments are shipped without the P6058
probe. Front- panel pin jacks provide external temperature
readout, independent of the function being displayed. An
internal switch selects degrees calibration in either
Centigrade or Fahrenheit. Option 2 instruments delete the
temperature measuring capability.
The readout is a 4 1/2-digit stored display using seven-
segment LED's. The decimal point is automatically positioned
by the RANGE/FUNCTION switch and leading zeros (those to the
left of the decimal point or most significant digit) are
blanked. Polarity indication is automatic.
A blinking display indicates overrange. Serial BCD output is
available at the rear Interface connector.

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