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Elgar 121B Fonte de alimentação
Modelo: 121B
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Fonte de alimentação
                                    The ESgar Model 121B Power Source provides AC power at
precise frequencies for testing, motor operation, and
frequency conversion. The basic power Amplifier consists of
two DC supplies and a direct-coupled ampiifier with a tapped
output transformer. The output transformer provides nominal
output voltages of 115 and 220 VAC that are adjustable
between 0-125 and 0*250 VAC. The total available power is
120 volt-amperes at full rated output voltage. Power at less
than full-rated output voltage is derated as illustrated in
Figure 1-1. Shown in Figure 1-2 is a curve of typical
harmonic distortion. Input power is 50-60 Hz. The power
transformer may be wired for 230V at 50-60 Hz.
1-5. Output power frequency is established by a Plug-In
oscillator. Output frequency range is 45 to 10 KHz. A
variety of Plug-In oscillators is available with frequency
accuracies up to .0001%.
1-6. The Elgar Power Source facilitates equipment tests to
meet military specification operating requirements over the
frequency range of 47 to 63 Hz or 47 to 425 Hz. The basic
power source output is single-phase. Multiphase power can be
obtained however, by stacking two or three power sources,
all driven by the same multi-phase Plug-In Oscillator.
1-8. The Elgar Model 1 21B Power Source is contained in a
rack mount enclosure. A meter for output voltage monitoring,
a power-on Indicator, a voltage amplitude control and a
power circuit breaker that applies line power to the unit
are located on the front panel. Cooling air is drawn through
a front-panel grill and exhausted at the rear of the enclosure.
1-9. The enclosure contains two heat-sink assemblies, which
comprise a two-section power Amplifier. Control circuitry is
mounted on a circuit board with test points and adjustment
controls available on the top side of the board. Output
power is available at the rear panel terminal block and
across the red and white binding posts located on the front

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This manual describes the Model 121 B Power Source
manufactured by Elgar Corporation. It provides operating,
maintenance, and adjustment instructions; a circuit
description, a schematic diagram; and a parts list.

No schematics!

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