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EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc. 324 Gerador
EICO Electronic Instrument Co. Inc.
Modelo: 324
Data: 1954
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador
Descrição: Signal Generator
                                    The EICO Model 324 RF Signal Generator is intended for
general radio and television servicing and for Other
applications requiring a modulated or unmodulated r-f signal
of sine waveform from 175kc to 420me.
The r-f output from the Model 324 may be modulated
internally by a 400 cps audio Oscillator or may be modulated
externally by an audio signal fed into a connector on the
front panel. The internal 400cps modulating signal is also
available separately at a front-panel connector. Selection
of external modulation rearranges the audio Oscillator stage
as an Amplifier operating on the external modulation signal.
Asa result, up to 30% modulation is possible when the output
of the external a-f source is as low as 3.0 volt. Percentage
modulation by either an Internal or external a-f source, as
well as a-f output voltage, is adjustable by a single panel
Six tuning bands are employed to cover the fundamental
frequency range from 150kc to 145mc. Calibration ofthe third
harmonicof thehighest fundamental band (FI) 37 me to 145 me
is also given on the tuning dial to provide a seventh tuning
band (F2) from 1Ί1 me to 435 me. The particular band desired
is selected by the band selector switch which acts,
therefore, as a coarse output frequency selector; the 6 to 1
vernier tuning dial control is for fine tuning and permits
exact setting of the output frequency.
Construction of the dial and tuning assembly is unusual ly
fine. A heavy gauge, deep-etched, aluminum tuning dial is
fastened to the shaft of the tuning capacitor behind the
panel and rotates with the tuning knob. The dial is viewed
through twin plexiglass windows, four complete scales
appearing in one window and four in the Other, so that,
despite the large number of scales, they are well-spaced and
not easily confused. The plexiglass not only affords
protection for the tuning dial, but, due to its unique
light-conducting property, permits the use of an Illuminated
hairline, which is engraved in the plexiglass and edge-lit
by a panel lamp to permit maximum ease of reading. The
illuminated hairline also serve as a pilot. Other important
construction points include the use of turret mounted,
slug-tuned coils for maximum accuracy, copper-plated chassis
for minimized interference, line filters, shielded r-f
output cable and }ack-top binding posts for audio in/out.
The Model 324 incorporates both coarse and fine r-f
attenuators for smooth, efficient control of the r-f output
signal. The coarse attenuator provides two steps of coarse
attenuation of approximately 20 db each.
The Model 324 employs a Colpitts-type r-f Oscillator and a
Col pitts-type audio Oscillator of proven design for
efficient and trouble-free operation. The r-f Oscillator is
plate modulated by a cathode follower for improved
modulation. Maintenance is simplified by an uncrowded
chassis and easy access to all internal alignment
adjustments for the six fundamental r-f bands.
The characteristics of the Model 324 render it extremely
flexible. It may be used in the radio and television service
shop or in the field for such applications as alignment and
signal tracing of am and fm radio receivers, alignment of
both high and low frequency i-f amplifiers in television
receivers, and signal tracing and troubleshooting almost all
sections of tv receivers. The Model 324 is equally suitable
to bench or portable applications, being provided with an
uncluttered, professional satin aluminum panel that will add
to the appearance of any test bench and a rugged steel case
that will withstand "car trunk" abuse.

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