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Radiomarine Corporation of America ET-8023-DI Transmissor
Radiomarine Corporation of America
Modelo: ET-8023-DI
Data: 1944
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Transmissor

The model ET-8023-D1 high frequency radiotelegraph
Transmitter 16 designed primarily for shipboard applications
as listed below:

1	- For use in conjunction with a Radiomarine model 3U
(intermediatefrequency) radio unit. In such installations,
the model ET-8023-D1 uses the main motor generator and
automatic starter of the model 3U radio unit* For example,
on EC2-S-C1 Liberty vessels the addition of the ET-8023-D1
provides high frequency facilities.

2	- For use as an independent high frequency transmitter, in
which case

the model ET-8023-D1 must be furnished with its own motor
generator and automatic starter, these two units being
mounted inside the high frequency frame.

For application 1 (ET-8023-D1 in conjunction with model 30),
a suitable length of 28 conductor lead and armored cable and
lengths of copper tubing are furnished for interconnecting
the equipment. See "Installation Instructions" in this book
for details.

The frame of the ET-8023-D1 is designed to mount a model
AR-8506-B, or a model SLR-F, radio Receiver directly beneath
the high frequency Transmitter. A small operating table, on
which is mounted the telegraph key, is also provided with
the ET-8023-D1. A motor generator transfer switch, mounted
to the left of the radio receiver, is provided in the frame
so that the motor generator circuits may be quickly
transferred for high frequency or intermediate frequency

An Antenna circuit transfer switch is mounted at the top of
. the frame so that the high frequency Transmitter may be
interconnected with the main and emergency Antenna circuits
of the 3U equipment.

The high frequency Transmitter used in this equipment is the
same as the ET-8023 Transmitter employed in the model 4-U
radio unit.

In other words, the hinged section of the Transmitter itself
is the same in ET-8023-D1 as in model 4.U. However, the
ET-8023-D1 terminal blocks, external circuits, etc., in the
lower section of the frame are different in ET-8023-D1 to
provide interconnection with the Model 3U.

The first section of this instruction book covers the
operating instructions and general characteristics of the
ET-3023-D1. The second section of this book covers
installation instructions which should be carefully studied
by installation personnel before interconnecting the
ET—8023-D1 with the model 3U radio

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Frequency Range ... 1

Antenne Power ... 1

Type of Antenna.
 ... 1

Type of
Emission ... 1

Control ... 1

Vacuum Tubes ... 2

Type of Circuit.  ... 3

PoTicr Supply ...   ... 	3

Panel Controls end Instruments ... 4-

Note on Telegraph Keys ... • .	4-

Important ... 4-

Tuning Instructions ... 5

Auditionel Instructions for Installation

Personnel ... 7

ET-8023-D1 Output Circuit ... 8

General Calibration
Data ... 10

Typical Oscillator Calibration Curve ... 10

Oscillator Alignment ... 10

Master Oscillator or Crystal Frequency Chert ... 11

General Calibration Data ... 12


LIST ... 19


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