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Radiomarine Corporation of America AR-8506-B Recebedor
Radiomarine Corporation of America
Modelo: AR-8506-B
Data: 1944
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Recebedor
Descrição: intermediate and high frequency radio receiver

The model AR-8506-B is a five band intermediate and high
frequency radio Receiver designed for service aboard ships
or in land stations. This Receiver was approved on February
6th, 194-3 by the Federal Communications Commission for
compliance with Subsection 8.130(b) as capable of being used
and operated on board ships of the United States within the
limitations regarding the radiation of energy imposed by
subsection 8.130(b).


Ten (10) tube superheterodyne circuit, low radiation, for
compliance with F. C. C. subsection 8.130(b) which limits
radiation to 400 micro-microwatts.

Triple stage 1700 K.C. intermediate frequency Amplifier.

Direct line operation from 115 or 230 volts D.C. or A.C.
power supply, without the use of external rotary Converter
or vibrator units.

Loud speaker built in as integral part of Receiver front panel.

Dual jacks for telephone receivers (low or high impedance
phones may be used).

High image rejection ratio.

Full vision tuning dial, calibrated in kilocycles and
megacycles, entire frequency calibration visible at all times.

Electrical band spread tuning control for "sweeping" the
tuning over a narrow range with a fixed setting of the main
tuning control.

Main tuning control with 30 to 1 gear drive.

Voltage regulated^oscillator tube to minimize variations in
Oscillator frequency with variations in ship's Power Supply.

Audio frequency and radio frequency gain controls.

Panel controlled "Off-On* switches for loud speaker, A.V.C.,
and B.F.O.

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General ... 1

Design Characteristics
 ... 1

Frequency Range ... 2

Vacuum Tubes  ... 2

Power Supply  ... 2

Performance Data:

Selectivity ... 3

Sensitivity ... 3

Image Rejection Ratio- ... 3

Audio Output ... U

Range of Sensitivity Controls ... U

Front Panel Controls ... 4

Mechanical Design ... U

Receiver Circuits ... 	5

Installation ... 6

Operation ... 6

Maintenance ... 8

Alignment ... 11

R. F. Alignment Chart ... 	12

Parts List ... 13

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