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Lafayette HE-45 Transceiver
Modelo: HE-45
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Transceiver
                                    The Lafayette Model HE-45 Transceiver is a combination
Transmitter and Receiver designed for use in the 6 meter
(50.1 to 54 Me) amateur radio service. Designed to meet the
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements, the
unit will provide economical and reliable radio
communication in its intended application if installed and
operated in accordance with instructions contained herein.
The Transmitter may be operated on any frequency in the 6
meter amateur Phone band (50.1 to 54 Me) Provision has made
for front panel insertion or 5 crystals into the unit, any
o>. of which may be selected by means of a 6 position
selector switch. Crystals covering any frequency within the
6 meter' amateur band can very easily be inserted into the
unit. A-VFO may be inserted into a socket on the front
panel, selected by the selector switch. Crystal controlled
and plate modulated, the Transmitter delivers a power input
of 12 Watts to the final RF Amplifier.
The Receiver utilizes a sensitive superheterodyne circuit with 3
I.F. dual tuned transformers and incorporates a built-in
noise limiter circuit with full wave automatic series noise
limiting and full AVC. An adjustable tuned RF Bandpass stage
precedes the detector for added sensitivity and selectivity,
and to keep RF radiation to a minimum. The Receiver tunes
the entire 6 meter band. The Receiver also incorporates an
"S” meter for recording the signal strength of the desired
signal. A spotting switch is incorporated which permits the
operator to set the receivers tuning dial to the exact
frequency upon which you are transmitting. A variable “Pi"
network is incorporated that permits matching to any type of

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