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Kepco ATE 3/4 RACK Fonte de alimentação
Modelo: ATE 3/4 RACK
Data: 1999
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Fonte de alimentação
                                    The Kepco ATE with programmable overvoltage protector is a
precision stabilized Power supply which can deliver either
stabilized output voltage or current. The prevailing
operating mode is indicated by LED mode indicators at the
front panel. Operating mode crossover is automatic and may
be monitored remotely by means of a flag signal, available
at the rear programming connector. The Power supply features
"full range" output control by means of 10-turn, high
resolution front panel potentiometers. A pair of front panel
meters constantly monitor the output voltage and output
current. This Power supply has a linear and fully
dissipative NPN pass transistor section driven by high-gain,
integrated circuit amplifiers. The output of the power
supply is fully programmable. All necessary input terminals
are provided on a programming connector at the rear of the
chassis. Terminals are also provided for remote error
sensing, as well a:· for the connection of the output
capacitor directly at the load.
1-E The ATE Power supply features user-selectable "slow" or
"fast" operating modes. Slow mode operation is recommended
for applications demanding a constant Voltage Source. Fast
mode operation is best if the output voltage must change
rapidly, either in response to an external programming
signal or, if the ATE is used as a current stabilizer, as a
reaction to changing load resistance.

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This manual contains instructions for the installation,
operation and maintenance of the "ATE" series of voltage and
current stabilized d-c power supplies.

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