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Henry Radio 2002A Amplificador
Henry Radio
Modelo: 2002A
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Amplificador
Descrição: VHF/UHF Linear Communication Amplifier
                                    The 2006A, 2002A and 2004A are a family of high quality,
desk model, single stage linear RF amplifiers using an Eimac
ceramic triode power tube. All models employ the same
grounded grid design to insure simplicity of concept and all
employ conservatively rated components to insure years of
reliable operation. The amplifiers are completely
self-contained and use the highest quality RF. DC and AC
components available today. All that is necessary for
operation is a Transceiver, an AC mains source and a 50 ohm
Antenna system.

The 2006A offers about 13 dB of power gain (the output power
is approximately 20 times the input power). This makes it
easy to drive to full output with most popular low power
solid state transceivers. It will delivery 1000 watts PEP
and 600 watts FM into a 50 ohm load. This Amplifier uses a
traditional Pi output tank circuit.

Th3 2002A also oilers about 13 dB of power gain (the output
power is approximately 20 times the input power). This model
uses a 1/4 wave strip-line and a low pass output filter.

Th2 2004A offers approximately 10 dB of power gain (the
output power is approximately 10 times the input power). The
2004 uses a 1/2 wave stip-line and a tuned stripline output

These three models can be used for amateur, industrial,
scientific, medical, commercial and export users at the
selected band between 50 and 500 MHz.

All models are designed around the same basic RF chassis
which employs a grounded grid design with silver flashed RF
components. All models can be used for AM, FM, SSB. CW RTTY
or pulse operation.

Please read the instruction manual carefully before
operating your new equipment. Power amplifiers, particularly
at this power level and frequency, can easily be damaged by
improper operation. The amplifiers are shipped completely
assembled with the tubes installed and are ready for use
after the installation of an appropriate power plug.
For proper operation of these amplifiers you will require a
Bird or equivalent power meter capable of measuring up to
1000 watts in the appropriate frequency range. Such
equipment is not supplied with the Amplifier.

Please carefully observe the following precautions at all
times when you are using this equipment.

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