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Tektronix TPS2024 Osciloscópio
Modelo: TPS2024
Data: 2005
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Osciloscópio
Descrição: Digital Storage Oscilloscopes
                                    TPS2000 Series Oscilloscopes Deliver
Powerful Productivity from Bench to Field
1 Oscilloscopes •
As an engineer or technician, you must
often make floating, or differential,
measurements. You face faster edges
and clocks due to the migration of
higher performance technologies to
widely implemented electronic systems
and subsystems, with the pressure to
conform to customer specifications or
industry requirements.
And you may need to develop and test
designs in a variety of challenging
environments that demand versatility.
You can quickly tackle these tough
challenges to speed the design, troubleshooting,
installation, and maintenance of
components and systems with the world’s
first 4-isolated-channel, full featured,
battery-powered Oscilloscope – the
TPS2000 Series.

Features & Benefits
100 MHz and 200 MHz
Sample Rates Up to
2 GS/s Real-time
2 or 4 Fully Isolated and
Floating Channels, Plus
Isolated External Trigger
8 Hours of Continuous Battery
Operation with Two Batteries
Installed, Hot-swappable for
Virtually Unlimited Freedom
from an AC Power Source
Optional Power Application
Software Offers the Broadest
Range of Power Measurements
at its Price Point
Quickly Document and Analyze
Measurement Results with
OpenChoice® Software or
Integrated CompactFlash
Mass Storage
FFT Standard on All Models
Advanced Triggers to Quickly
Capture the Event of Interest
Easily Operate the
Oscilloscope with Traditional,
Analog-style Knobs and
Multi-language User Interface
Simplify Setup and Operation
with Autoset Menu, Autorange,
Waveform and Setup
Memories, and Built-in,
Context-sensitive Help
Adjust the Oscilloscope to
Your Operating Environment
with Backlit Menu Buttons/
Display and Brightness/
Contrast Controls
11 Automatic Measurements

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