Informações sobre o equipamento:

Wavetek SF10 Outro
Modelo: SF10
Data: 2000
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Outro
Descrição: Short Finder Brush
                                    Wavetek’s unique Short Finder Brush (SF 10) is a high-speed
tester with a pointed-tip Probe and a brush Probe to deliver
fast, simple,
and reliable continuity testing. The Short Finder Brush
allows you to
quickly locate continuity or shorts in complex electrical
circuits such as
printed circuit card assemblies, multi-conductor cables,
mass termination
systems, backplanes, connectors, and IC sockets.
The Short Finder Brush allows you to brush over circuitry as
fast as you
wish since even brief Probe contact will result in a clear
audible tone!
Power is provided by two AAA batteries which, under normal
use, will last
for several months.

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