Informações sobre o equipamento:

Wavetek 2405 Gerador
Modelo: 2405
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Gerador
Descrição: RF Signal Generators
                                    ♦ Model 2410: 0.01 to 1100 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator
♦ Model 2405: 0.01 to 550 MHz Synthesized Signal Generator
♦ Bright. Easy-to-read Display
♦ Data Entry by Keypad
♦ RF On/Off Switch
♦ Independent Modularity
♦ IEEE-488 Interface Standard
♦ 50 Watt Reverse Power Protection
♦ Extensive Diagnostic Package
♦ Autocal Routine
♦ Calibration Data Tracking
♦ Ergonomic User Interface

The 2400 Series of synthesized signal generators presentk
consists of two models, the 2405 and 2410. These instruments
are specifically designed to help increase the productivity
of ΛΤΚ and field service applications. The 2400 Series is
the most efficient solution for general purpose RF  testing.
Advanced User Interface
The Wavetek 2400 Series instruments are Dual microprocessor-
controlled, synthesized signal generators that both increase
productivity and decrease learning curves through
sophisticated user interfaces. The GPIB programming language
is in an English language format utilizing the Wavetek
minimum-uniqueness format. 

extensive set of internal diagnostic features allows
isolation of potential trouble spots to the board level
without opening the instrument.
Advanced PLL/DDS Hybrid Synthesis
The Wavetek 2400s combine fractional division, phaselock
loop techniques w ith direct digital s nthesis for a wide
variety of frequencx step sizes. 'The 2410 covers the
frequency range of 10 kHz to 1100 MHz; the 2405 has a range
of 10 kHz to 550 MHz. Both have an KF output lange of+ 1.3
to -127 dBm and exhibit an output accuracy of±1.5 dB. More level
calibration points may be added
through a GPIB diagnostic feature. Other standard features
include very broad peak FM deviation, 20 stored settings,
wide AM bandwidth of 50 kHz. reverse power protection, and
external clock input/output.
Enhanced Calibration
AutoCal of the instrument can be initiated both from the
front panel and through the IEEE-488 bus. A state-of-the-art
error tracking system allows user readout of the calibration
error-correction data. 'This provides statistical process
control of the instrument's aging cycle to predict and
schedule maintenance.
Easy Service Construction
Construction of the instrument is based on a fully modular
design. Each module can be replaced or upgraded with no
dependent interaction with the surrounding modules. There is
no need to return a unit for extensive and expensive upgrade

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