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WRL Electronics 300 Transmissor
WRL Electronics
Modelo: 300
Data: 1957
Categoria: Rádio Comunicação,
Grupo: Transmissor
1-2. The WRL Globe Champion Transmitter, model 300, is made
by WRL Electronics, Inc. of Council Bluffs, Iowa. The
Transmitter is rated at 350 watts DC plate input power to
the R.F. Power Amplifier CW operation; 275 watts Radio
Telephony (AM) operation; or 300 watts P-E-P Single Sideband
operation (with external SSB exciter that will deliver 8 to
10 watts power at the final grid).


1-4. The model 300 Transmitter is completely self-contained
in a metal cabinet. Dimensions are 12 inches high, 17 inches
deep and 21-1/4 inches wide, fee top portion of the cabinet
is made of perforated steel material. The use of this
material provides three distinct advantages: smart
appearance, excellent RF shielding and adequate ventilation
for heat dissipation. Complete TVI precautions have been
taken. The meter and the VFO dial are fully shielded and
external leads are adequately by-passed. The unit may be
removed from the cabinet for servicing and inspection. Power
requirements are 115 volts A.C., 50/60 cycles, single phase.
Power consumption is 700 watts (AM) Phone operation, 500
watts CW operation and 150 watts standby. Net weight is
approximately 105 pounds. 

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SECTION I. General
Description ... 1

SECTION II. Operating Procedures
 ... 4

SECTION III. Radio Telephony (AM)
Operation ... 9

SECTION IV. Single Sideband
Operation ... 10

SECTION V. Antenna
Considerations ... 11

SECTION VI. Malfunctions and Probable Cause-Voltage
Chart ... 13

List ... 16

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