Informações sobre o equipamento:

LeCroy Waverunner-2 Osciloscópio
Modelo: Waverunner-2
Data: 2002
Categoria: Instrumentos de medição
Grupo: Osciloscópio

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Tipo manual: Manual do Usuário LeCroy-5681-Manual-Page-1-Picture
Páginas: 322
Tamanho: 12.83 Mbytes (13448061 Bytes)
Idioma: Inglês
Revisão: C
Data: 2002
Qualidade: Documento eletrônico, digitalização, bem legível.
Envie data:
MD5: 429dc7a718019ae696e8fa78e3b58f09
Downloads: 520 desde 30 Março 2014
Like the Waverunner-2 scope itself, this manual is designed
to make your measurements as easy as “1–2–3.”
Each section shows you step by step how to use the
Oscilloscope to solve simple or complex problems.
Use the manual with the Waverunner-2 in front of you. Then
you’ll see clearly just what is being referred to;
and you can immediately put into action what is described.
The manual has two main parts:
Part One, “Getting Started,” is for new users and basic
operations. It explains the most important
Waverunner-2 features, and shows you how to apply them. Use
it when starting out and for getting quick
Part Two, “Looking Deeper ,” goes into more detail. It
explains how to perform complex measurements
using more advanced Waverunner-2 functions. It also looks
more deeply into operations covered in Part One.
Use it for tackling demanding tasks, or as a reference for
understanding better how your scope works.
Consult the glossary for clarification of Oscilloscope and
related terms.
As an additional guide, each chapter is prefaced by a
summary of its contents.

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