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Hitachi - V-1085 - Oscyloskop


1. FEATURES__ The Hitachi portable read-out oscilloscope provides measurement reliability and ease of operation by employing a microprocessor. The major features are: (1) Measurement information display The measurement information including the sweep speed, the delay time, the UNCAL display, and the voltage sensitivity of the vertical axis (Cursor Readout type only) is alphanumerically displayed on the CRT. Since troublesome setting operation procedures are eliminated, an operator can concentrate on the displayed data for measurement. (2) Measurement value display (Cursor Readout type only) The distance between the two cursors displayed can read out the following; AV: Voltage between the reference cursor and the delta cursor AT: Time between the reference cursor and the delta cursor 1/AT: Reciprocal of the time The displayed data eliminates troublesome and time consuming calculation procedures. Moreover, miscalculation of the scales is completely avoided. (3) Automatic time base range setting At a press of the AUTO button, an optimum tune base range is automatically set. (A signal period from 1.6 to 4 cycles approx. is displayed.) The time base range is automatically changed to a corresponding change in input signal period. (4) Frequency counter (Cursor Readout type only) The A TRIG signal frequency can be measured. (5) Trigger lock Since complicated pulse train waveforms are hard to trigger on, performing the trigger iock function enables sweep independent triggering. The “sweep time plus holdoff time” is fixed and a stable trigger is obtained at any time range. ■ (6) Channel input Quad channel input (V-1585, V-1085 only Besides CHl and CH2, CH3 and CH4 provided with 0.5 V/ D1V and 0.1 V/D1V range selection capabilities are provided for easy digital signal measurement. (7) Bandwidth V-1585, V-1085, V-1565, V-1065A, V-1560, V-1060 DC-lOOMHz (2mV/div: DC-20MHz) V-G95, V-665A, V-660 DC-60MHz (2mV/div: DC-lOMHz) (8) High sensitivity High sensitivity of 2 mV/div is provided. (9) Internal graticule Internal graticule lines eliminate parallax-viewing error between the trace and the graticule lines. (10) Delayed sweep With delayed sweep, a portion of the signal can he magnified for more accurate measurement and time comparison. The delay time is digitally displayed on the CRT. (11) Auto trigger level Auto measuring of trigger level is employed, so that trigger level range is matched to the trigger signal for maximum trigger sensitivity and stability. (12) TV triggering Exclusive TV sync separator circuit technology provides stable TV signal measurements on fields, frames and lines. (13) Memory backup (V-1585, V-1085 only) The panel conditions are retained for more than 48 hours after power off. Therefore, it is not necessary to perform the panel settings when performing the same measurement the day after tomorrow.

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