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Wavetek - 147 - Generator


The Model 147 HF Sweep Generator is a precision 0.0005 Hz to 10 MHz source of sine, triangle, square, positive pulse, and negative pulse waveforms, each with variable amplitude, dc offset, and symmetry. Frequency range selection is provided in 10 decades, with a 3 digit LED readout and vernier control which permits accurate adjustment to the least significant digit of the readout. The 31^ digit readout is 3 digits plus λ fourth (tin* most significant) digit of 0 or I. DC voltage output is also selectable with an adjustable range of * 10 Vdc into .in open circuit Vdc into with 150 rnA short circuit current. Maximum output amplitude is 30 V p-p into an open circuit (15 V p-p into 50Ω) with a 2O dB calibrated step attenuator and a dB vernier attenuator (80 dB overall) allowing signal levels as low as 1.5 mV p-p. Both the output waveform and the dc offset are attenuated by the 60 dB calibrated step attenuator. Maximum and minimum output peak voltages are displayed on the 3Vi digit LED readout and are accurate to the specification when the output has been properly terminated with 50Ω load. The Model 147 has six operational modes (continuous, triggered, gated, continuous sweep, triggered sweep, and sweep and hold) plus tone burst capability. The main output can be internally swept over approximately a 1000:1 ratio at sweep times from 10 (J.s to 100 s, or it can be frequency modulated, dc programmed, or externally swept over a greater than 1000:1 ratio by applying an external control signal to the front panel VCG IN connector. A sweep of the output. single cycle of output, or one can be obtained by manuel trigger or an external trigger siqnal applied to The front panel TRIG IN connector. In addition to the 50Ω main output and sync output, the Model 147 also has sweep and generator control voltage (GCV) outputs. When the main output is not internally swept (i.e., operating in continuous, triggered, or gated modes without sweeping), the fixed amplitude sawtooth output of the internal sweep generator appears at the SWP/GCV OUT connector. When the main output is internally swept, an output voltage proportional to the instantaneous frequency of the main generator will appear at the SWP/GCV OUT connector. This GCV output can be used to drive X-Y recorders or the vertical and horizontal deflection circuits of oscilloscopes, video monitors, etc. Varying the triangle symmetry produces a sawtooth signal with a rise o* fall time as fast as 50 ns .it a recurring rate of up to 1 MHz Pulse outputs as narrow as 50 ns (duty cycles from 19:1 to 1:19) with repetition rates as high as 1 MHz c,m be generated in either polarity. Even the sine wave symmetry may be varied over this 1:19 to 19:1 range if desired When the output symmetry is not 1:1, the frequency range setting is divided L>y approximately 10; however, the actual output frequency is displayed on the LED readout. With this instrument it is possible to internally or externally sweep the output frequency, select the output symmetry desired, and manually vary the dc offset. The output frequency, positive peak amplitude and negative peak amplitude are displayed on a digital readout. DC offset or dc output voltage can be set by digital readout. These capabilities coupled with the variety of waveforms available and precision output amplitude control make the Model 147 an extremely versatile instrument.

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