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Tektronix TDS 460 Oscyloskop
Model: TDS 460
Data: 1993
Kategoria: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Oscyloskop
Opis: Digitizing Oscilloscope
                                    Tektronix TDS 400 Digitizing Oscilloscopes are portable instruments suitable
for use in a variety of test and measurement applications and systems. Key
features include:
H Four input channels on the TDS 420 and TDS 460 (two input channels on
the TDS 410), each with a record length of 500 to 15,000 points and 8-bit
vertical resolution. (Option 1M extends the maximum record length to
60,000 points.)
H Simultaneous acquisition of waveforms in all channels at the maximum
digitizing rate of 100 Megasamples/second. All channels acquire at the
full analog bandwidth of 150 MHz (TDS 410 and TDS 420) or 350 MHz
(TDS 460) and all have the same features.
H Video triggering capabilities (with Option 5, Video Trigger).
H Full programmability and printer/plotter output.
H Advanced functions, such as continuously updated measurements.
H Specialized display modes, such as infinite and variable persistence.
H A unique graphical user Interface (GUI), an on-board help mode, and a
logical front-panel layout which combine to deliver a new standard in
H Advanced waveform math (with Option 2F, Advanced DSP Math). Com-
pute and display the integral of a waveform, the differential of a wave-
form, and the FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) of a waveform.

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This manual is divided into sections, such as Specifications and Theory of Operation. Further, it is divided into subsections, such as Product Description and Removal and Installation Procedures.

Sections containing procedures also contain introductions to those procedures. Be sure to read these introductions, because they provide information needed to do the service correctly and efficiently. The following is a brief description of each manual section.

■	Specifications — contains a product description of the digitizing Oscilloscope and tables of the characteristics and descriptions that apply to it.

■	Operating Information — is this section. It includes a description of how this manual is structured, as well as general information and operating instructions at the level needed to safely power up and service this Oscilloscope. A statement of the service strategy that this manual supports, as well as instructions for shipment of the digitizing oscilloscope, are found in this section.

■	Theory of Operation — contains circuit descriptions that support general service and fault isolation.

■	Performance Verification — contains a collection of procedures for confirming that this digitizing Oscilloscope functions properly and meets warranted limits.

■	Adjustment Procedures — contains a collection of procedures for adjusting this digitizing Oscilloscope to meet warranted limits.

■	Maintenance — contains information and procedures for doing preventive and corrective maintenance of the digitizing Oscilloscope. Instructions for cleaning, for module removal and installation, and for fault isolation to a module are found here.

■	Options — contains information on servicing any of the factory-installed options that may be present in your Oscilloscope.

■	Electrical Parts List — contains a statement referring you to the Mechanical Parts List, where both electrical and mechanical modules are listed. See below.

■	Diagrams — contains a block diagram and an interconnection diagram useful for isolating failed modules.

■	Mechanical Parts List — includes a table of all replaceable modules, their descriptions, and their Tektronix part numbers.

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TDS Family Oscilloscope Programmer Manual

This programmer manual covers the TDS 410, 420, 460, 520A, 524A, 540A,
544A, 620A, 640A, 644A, 684A, 744A, & 784A. It also covers Advanced DSP
Math (optional on the TDS420, 460, 520A, 540A, 620A, & 640A), the
RS-232/Centronics Interface (optional on the TDS 410, 420, 460, 520A, 540A,
620A, & 640A), and the Option 05 Video Trigger. This manual provides
information on operating your Oscilloscope using the General Purpose Interface
Bus (GPIB) Interface.

Table of Contents
Getting Started
Overview of the Manual  ... 1–1
Setting Up Remote Communications  ... 1–3
Syntax and Commands
Command Syntax  ... 2–1
Command and Query Structure  ... 2–1
Clearing the TDS Family Oscilloscope  ... 2–3
Command Entry  ... 2–3
Constructed Mnemonics  ... 2–6
Argument Types  ... 2–7
Syntax Diagrams  ... 2–10
Command Groups  ... 2–11
Acquisition Commands  ... 2–11
Alias Commands  ... 2–12
Application Menu Commands  ... 2–12
Calibration and Diagnostic Commands  ... 2–13
Cursor Commands  ... 2–13
Display Commands  ... 2–14
File System Commands  ... 2–16
Hardcopy Commands  ... 2–16
Horizontal Commands  ... 2–17
Limit Test Commands  ... 2–18
Measurement Commands  ... 2–19
Miscellaneous Commands  ... 2–21
RS-232 Commands  ... 2–22
Save and Recall Commands  ... 2–22
Status and Error Commands  ... 2–23
Trigger Commands  ... 2–24
Vertical Commands  ... 2–31
Waveform Commands  ... 2–32
Zoom Commands  ... 2–37
Command Descriptions  ... 2–39
Status and Events
Registers  ... 3–1
Queues  ... 3–5
Event Handling Sequence  ... 3–6
Synchronization Methods  ... 3–7
Messages  ... 3–12
Programming Examples
Compiling the Example Programs  ... 4–2
Appendix A: Character Charts  ... A–1
Appendix B: Reserved Words  ... B–1
Appendix C: Interface Specifications  ... C–1
GPIB Function Subsets  ... C–1
Interface Messages  ... C–2
Appendix D: Factory Initialization Settings  ... D–1
Glossary and Index

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