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Fluke 52 Termometr
Model: 52
Data: 1995
Kategoria: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Termometr
Opis: K/J Thermometer
                                     FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW

The Fluke 51 and 52 K/J Thermometers take nonlinear voltages
from thermocouples and convert the voltages to meaningful
temperature readings. These thermometers are actually
microvoltmeters with additional features to compensate
forthe reference junction and non-linearities of thermocouples.

The heart of these instruments is an analog-to-digital
Converter (a/d converter) that develops a numerical
representation of an analog voltage. The a/d Converter (UI)
works in the range of -10 mV to +55 mV. For the Fluke 52,
three signals must be measured: thermocouple I,	thermocouple
2, and the signal that represents the temperature of the
reference junctions. To measure the three signals, the a/d
Converter is connected to each of these signals one at a
time. A microcomputer (U2) coordinates the switching and a/d
activity performed by U1. U2 also interprets the numbers
sent by the a/d converter, including reference junction
compensation, linearization, and degrees Celsius and
Fahrenheit conversion. U2 also monitors the instrument
control buttons and drives the liquid crystal display (LCD)

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This manual presents service information for the Fluke 51
and 52 K/J Thermometers. Included are a theory of operation,
general maintenance procedures, performance tests,
calibration procedures, troubleshooting information, a list
of replacement parts, and schematic diagrams.

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