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Orban 222A Effect Processor
Model: 222A
Data: 2000
Kategoria: Profesjonalny sprzęt muzyczny
Grupa: Effect Processor
Opis: Stereo Spatial Enhancer
                                    The Orban 222A Stereo Spatial Enhancer augments the spatial
image of a stereo broadcasting station. The 222A uses a
proprietary technique to magnify and intensify the stereo
image — listeners will hear more loudness, brightness,
dynamics, and depth.
The 222A Stereo Spatial Enhancer:

•	Detects and enhances the psychoacoustic directional cues
present in all stereo program material.

•	Increases brightness, impact, and definition of music.

•	Is specifically designed to avoid any distortion caused by
increases in L-R subchannel level in multipath situations.

•	Does not increase multipath distortion, unnaturally
exaggerate reverberation, or increase sensitivity to
vertical tracing distortion in disk playback (when operated
with recommended control settings).

•	Is fully compatible with mono receivers.

•	Complements any broadcast audio processor.

•	Has intelligent gating to make it immune to small errors
in channel balance, prevents over-enhancement, and avoids
the mushy, homogenized sound that typically occurred when
stereo enhancement was attempted with earlier techniques.

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1-1	Section 1: Introduction

Orban's Stereo Spatial Enhancer Registration, Warranty, Feedback

2-1	Section 2: Installation

Installation and Set-up

3-i	Section 3: Operation

Controls and Displays

More About Stereo Spatial Enhancement

4-i	Section 4: Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Getting Inside the Chassis Performance
Evaluation, Alignment

5-i	Section 5: Troubleshooting

Problems and Possible Causes Technical Support, Factory Service

6-i	Section 6: Technical Data

Specifications Circuit Description

Parts List, Schematics, Assembly Drawings Abbreviations

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