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Orban OPTIMOD-TV 8185A/PRO Effect Processor
Data: 1994
Kategoria: Profesjonalny sprzęt muzyczny
Grupa: Effect Processor
Opis: Pro Channel Generator
                                    4.	THE Orban PRO CHANNEL GENERATOR

The Professional Channel Generator (8182A/PRO or 8185A/PRO)
augments the OPTIMOD Television Stereo Generator (8182A/SG
or 8185A) by adding a voice or data communications channel
to the composite baseband output of the Stereo Generator.
The Pro Channel input signal is amplified, processed, then
used to modulate a subcarrier generated in sync with the
main carrier.

The 8182A/PRO and 8185A/PRO are identical, and are installed
identically in the Orban 8182A/SG and 8185A TV Stereo
Generators. Throughout this manual, any reference to the
“8182A/PRO” applies to the 8185A/PRO as well.

Physically, 8182A/PRO consists of two additional plug-in
circuit cards (#9 and #10) for the Stereo Generator,
retrofit shielding for the 8182A/SG’s Card #8, and a new
control subpanel. Card #9 circuitry processes the inpul
signal, and the subcarrier is generated on Card #10.

The 8182A/PRO conforms to specifications set by the
Broadcast Television Systems Committee (BTSC) of the
Electronic Industries Association (EIA).

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1.	How to Use This Manual	page 1-1

2.	Registration, Warranty, Feedback	1-2

3.	Index	1-3

4.	The Orban Pro Channel Generator	1-4

5.	Application	1-4

6.	The Professional Channel	1-4

7.	Brief Functional Description	1-5

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