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Compliance Design Inc. ESD2000 Test Set
Compliance Design Inc.
Model: ESD2000
Data: 1992
Kategoria: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Test Set
Opis: ESD Simulator
                                    No longer a curiosity, the hazards of electrostatic events
and the prevention of such have
prompted the need for test methods which yield repeatable
results. Compliance Design’s
ESD2000 electrostatic discharge simulator has been developed
to meet the needs of those
responsible for regulatory compliance with ESD standards.
Utilization of the latest ESD
technology and Compliance Design’s Charge Reservoir has
yielded sub-nanosecond
rise times for contact discharge events in strict accordance
with IEC801-2, Issue 2. The base
unit will supply up to 25 kilovolts to its air discharge
probes and up to 9 kilovolts to each of
the contact discharge probes. Compliance Design offers
custom probes to model the
requirements of many industry standards, all of which will
operate in conjunction with a single
compact base unit.
To aid the user in testing for system level ESD immunity we
have included a copy of an
article entitled, "System Level ESD Immunity Testing*, from
the Compliance Engineering
1992 Reference Guide. This article addresses such topics of
interest as the evolution of the
Human ESD model, setting up an ESD test site, and evaluating
test results. Furthermore, we
suggest that a comprehensive review of the standard,
IEC801-2, Issue 2 is in order to
facilitate all phases of ESD testing.

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Developing a Test Plan
Using the ESD2000
Calibration of the ESD2000

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