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Spirent Communications TAS Series II Digital Inny
Spirent Communications
Model: TAS Series II Digital
Data: 2000
Kategoria: Radiokomunikacja
Grupa: Inny
                                    Series II Digital – the
first Public Switched
Telephone Network (PSTN)
emulator designed for the
Internet Age.

The Series II Digital Telephone
Network Emulator is the latest
generation of the world’s most
advanced telephone network
emulators. Series II Digital tests
any type of device that
communicates via the PSTN,
including modems, remote access
servers, Fax machines, and other
subscriber voice/data equipment.
Major Features:
n Emulates local exchange
transmission impairments that are
essential for effective testing of
V.90 (“56K”) modems
n Emulates tandem PSTN/PBX/DLC
connections for thorough testing
of V.90 fallback, V.34 fax, and V.34
n Provides several digital interfaces
bus) for testing remote access
server equipment.
n Effectively emulates local,
transcontinental, and
intercontinental connections.
n Emulates both alpha and beta type
mu-law PCM Codecs, as required
by TIA PN-3857
n Meets and exceeds current and
emerging EIA/TIA and ITU
telephone network emulation and
modem testing requirements.
n Universal Central Office™
emulates virtually any local
exchange or PBX format.
n Advanced Digital Signal
Processing (DSP) architecture
provides unprecedented
accuracy, repeatability, and
dynamic range.
n Field-proven modular architecture
can adapt to evolving test
n Integrates easily with other TAS
instruments and software to
provide complete automatic test
Series II Digital - The first PSTN emulator designed
for the Internet Age.
©2001, Spirent Communications of Eatontown, LP (DBA TAS)
TAS Series II Digital
Telephone Network Emulator
The TAS Series II family is the
worldwide standard for PSTN
emulation. Now Series II Digital
adds important new capabilities
for testing the latest modem and
Fax technologies. Series II Digital:
n Provides a wealth of new
transmission impairment
conditions for V.90 (“56K”)
modems, V.34 modems, and
V.34 Fax. Many of these
conditions, which occur on
real networks, can prevent
modems from operating at the
highest speeds.
n Product Development
n Design Verification Test
n Production Test
n Product Evaluation
n Quality Assurance
n Standards Conformance
n Competitive Analysis
n Emulates the impairments
associated with local Internet
Service Provider (ISP)
access. ISP access through
a local exchange is currently
the most popular modem
application, and
transmission impairments in
the local exchange can
hamper the efficiency of
these connections.
n Includes several “network
sections” to effectively model
end-to-end networks that
include a Private Branch
Exchange (PBX) and/or
Digital Loop Carrier (DLC)
system in tandem with the
PSTN. These tandem
connections can have a
significant negative effect on
data transmission
n Provides several digital
interfaces for testing remote
access server equipment and
for interfacing to digital
network terminals.

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