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Singer 16-188 Maszyna do szycia
Model: 16-188
Data: 1927
Kategoria: Elektronika domu
Grupa: Maszyna do szycia
                                    Machines of Class 16, described in this book, each have one
needle and a central bobbin, oscillating shuffle and make
the lock stitch.

Machine 16-188 is designed for sewing clol.h or light, or
medium weight leather and is used in the manufacture of
automobile curtains, waterproof covers, bags, tarpaulins,
leather leggins, carriage trimmings, etc.. 'This machine is
equipped with upper and under feeding mechanism, each of
which can bo adjusted independently. By this means, the
upper or lower plies of lalirie can be fed faster or slower
as may be desired.
Binding, hemming and piping can also be accomplished on the
machine, attachments for the various operations being
furnished, on order, at an additional charge.

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