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Leader 5860V Signal Analyzer
Model: 5860V
Kategoria: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Signal Analyzer
Opis: Waveform Monitor
                                    The 5860V and 5861V Waveform Monitors offer quick and
accurate monitoring of amplitude, time and frequency
response characteristics of composite TV signals.
The waveform monitor is equipped with sweep modes and
trigger functions that are optimized for monitoring video
signals. For example, sweep modes 2H, 1H, 1μs/div, 2V,
1V, and 2V MAG can be selected for the horizontal axis.
Optimized filters such as FLAT, IRE (5860V), LUM (5861V),
CHROMA, DIF GAIN and DIF'D STEP can be switched in to
observe various characteristics of video signals.
Furthermore, a line selector is provided for observing
VITS and VIR signals that are inserted during the vertical
blanking period. The blanking output connector allows for
blanking other periods than the lines selected by the line
selector. Loop-through connectors are provided for A and
B and external reference inputs. A video output follows the
selected A or B input. Other functions necessary for video
signal monitoring are provided.

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