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Systron Donner 6053 Licznik częstotliwości
Systron Donner
Model: 6053
Data: 1970
Kategoria: Przyrządy pomiarowe
Grupa: Licznik częstotliwości
                                    The SD Model 6053/3 is a portable, half-rack, microwave
Counter capable of automatically measuring signal
frequencies ranging from 20Hz to 3GHz. Extensive use of
integrated circuits and Other solid-state components ensures
excellent reliability and trouble free maintenance.

The Model 6053/3 microwave Counter provides the following
operating features:

1.	An easily read storage-type display which permits the
initial reading to be observed while another is being made.

2.	Direct reading of frequency with no front panel
adjustment necessary.

30 Automatic units of measure and decimal point location.

4.	Completely remote programmable! programming inputs for
all front panel controls and attenuator switch (optional).

5.	BCD recorder output (optional).

6.	Unit can be operated on either 115V or 230V ac line.


The Model 6053/3 features the Automatic Computing Transfer
Oscillator (ACTO ) technique in conjunction with a new
high-sensitivity, high input impedance . 2GHz Amplifier to
offer unparalleled performance. The basic seven-digit
instrument receives its input on one of two input connectors„

1.	BNC - This 20Hz to .2GHz input channel features lOmV rms
sensitivity and one megohm impedance. Input signals may be
attenuated by factors from 1 to 1000, in decade steps.

2.	"N" type connector - Frequencies from ~2GHz to 3GHz can
be measured with sensitivities of 50mV rms into 50 ohms.

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Język: Angielski
Data: 1970
Jakość: Skanowany dokument, wszystko czytelne.
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