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Grundig CUC 2030 F TV chassis
Model: CUC 2030 F
Datum: 1997
Categorie: Audio, Video, TV, Multimedia
Groep: TV chassis

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Pagina's: 56
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Taal: english, german
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Manual-ID/Number: 72010-020.80
Datum: oktober 1997
Kwaliteit: Elektronisch document, geen scan, zeer goed leesbaar.
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Taal: english, french
Herziening van: Supplement 3
Manual-ID/Number: 72010-020.8300
Datum: september 1998
Kwaliteit: Elektronisch document, geen scan, zeer goed leesbaar.
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MD5: 183aa5bd43bc88af356d5d1f5abfa427
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The Service Manual CUC 2030 F / CUC 2031 F applies to the colour
television receivers specified on the front page. This Manual describes the
differences and the additionally fitted modules of the TV receivers.
The individual modules and the relevant part numbers are listed in the
tables on page 4.
Basic instructions for servicing are given in the:
– Service Manual CUC 2030 F / 2031 F (Part No. 72010 020 8000)
– 2 nd Supplement CUC 2080 F (Part No. 72010 020 8200)
– Safety Instructions (Part No. 72010 800 0000)
Due to the conversion of the EDP system, the previous 10-digit part
numbers were change to 12-digit numbers.
Example:    previous:  29504-111.22
            new:       29504 111 2200
During the conversion of the system, either form may be found in
the Service Manual.

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