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Kenwood 9R-59DS Ontvanger
Model: 9R-59DS
Categorie: Radio, Communicatie
Groep: Ontvanger
Beschrijving: All Band Communication Receiver
                                    SPECIAL FEATURES

1.	Main tuning and Band Spread readings are easily made on
these easy-to-read separate dials. The anti-backlash
mechanism is smooth and sure. It provides close calibration
accuracy and makes tuning a real pleasure.

2.	The Receiver provides continuous coverage from 550 kHz to
30 MHz. Band spread tuning, with direct reading dial, is
available on amateur bands.

3.	Superb selectivity, heretofore unattainable with ordinary
IF Transformers, is achieved through the use of a mechanical
v-rnt anu iwu duuiu stages oi ampiiiicauon ensure high
sensitivity and selectivity.

5.	Unusually stable operation is obtained through special
design and shielding.

6.	Clear SSB reception is achieved through the use of a
Product Detector.

7.	A large easy-to-read S meter provides accurate S readings
at all times, including during CW and SSB reception.

8.	Pre-mounted and pre-aligned printed board circuits are
utilized in the front end. This permits successful kit-form
assembly even by beginners.

9.	The ANL circuit (Automatic Noise Limiter) effectively
limits interference from pulse type noise.

10.	The Receiver is equipped with a stand-by switch,
enabling it to be used with any Transmitter, or it can be
used alone for listening purposes.

11.	A Phone jack is provided so that the Receiver may be
operated late at night without disturbing others.

12.	An Antenna trimmer ensures optimum sensitivity on all bands.

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