Apparatuur informatie:

Satorius MC 210 P Weegschaal
Model: MC 210 P
Datum: 2000
Categorie: Medische en biomedische apparatuur
Groep: Weegschaal
Beschrijving: Analytical, Semi-micro- and Microbalances

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Manual-ID/Number: 98648-004-81
Datum: 01 januari 2000
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Installation and Operating Instructions

General Views of the Balances:
MC 210 S, MC 210 P and
MC 410 S (-0CE)
General Views of the Balances
MC 5 (-0CE) and SC 2 (-0CE) 1–
Storage and Shipping Conditions 1–
Transporting the Balance
Equipment Supplied
Installation Instructions
Using Verified Balances
Approved as Legal Measuring
Instruments in the EU
Getting Started
General Instructions for
“Analytical Weighing”
Weighing Electrostatically
Charged Samples
and Containers
Weighing Magnetic
or Magnetizable Samples
General Instructions for Handling
Samples and Containers
Operating the Balance
Balance Display
Turning the Display On and Off 1–20
Opening and Closing the
Draft Shield
Simple Weighing
Weighing Range Structure
Weighing in the IQ-Mode
Mass Unit Conversion by Toggling 1–29
Displaying the Balance Model
and the Serial Number
Calibration/Adjustment and
Linearization Functions
Data Interface
Below-Balance Weighing
Fastening an Antitheft
Locking Device
Troubleshooting Guide
Care and Maintenance
Cleaning the Balance HousingCleaning the Weighing
ChamberSafety Precautions
Balance Operating Menu
Weighing in Three Ranges
on Standard Balances
Weighing in Two Ranges
on Verified Balances Approved
for Use as Legal
Measuring Instruments
Display Modes for
Standard Balances
Display Modes for Verified
Balances Approved for Use
As Legal Measuring Instruments
Calibration Functions on
Standard Balances
Calibration Functions on Verified
Balances Approved for Use
as Legal Measuring Instruments
Utilities for Printouts
or Data Transfer
Additional Functions
ISO/GLP-compliant Printout
or Record
Setting the ID No./Date/Time
Application Programs
Functions Common to
All Programs
c Key
Information and Printouts
or Data Transfer
Data ID Code K* or NUM
“EUREKA” Air Buoyancy
Correction Program
Differential Weighing and
Weighing Sequence
Selecting the Memories
Key Functions
Clearing the Memory
Diameter Determination
Tare Memory
Weighing in Percent
Over/Under Checkweighing
Error Codes
Interface Description
Pin Assignment Chart
Cabling Diagrams
English Translation of the
EC Type-Approval Certificate
for MC 5-0CE
Accessories (Options)
Declarations of Conformity
Brief Operating Instructions

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