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Farnell Instruments LF1 Oscillator
Farnell Instruments
Model: LF1
Datum: 1976
Categorie: Meetinstrumenten
Groep: Oscillator
Beschrijving: Sine-Square Oscillator
                                    The LF1, LFP1 and LFM4 form a range of oscillators providing
sine and square waves from 10Hz to 1MHz with an output of up
to 12V pk-pk.
Frequency is continuously variable over five decade ranges
by a rotary control with range changes accomplished by push
button switching. Output amplitude is continuously variable
between four switched ranges with maximum outputs of 12mV
pk-pk; 120mV pk-pk; 1.2V pk-pk and 12V pk-pk. The scale
around the 'Fine Amplitude1 control of the LF1 and LFP1
provides an indication of output amplitude and in the case
of the LFM^ the output is monitored by a meter scaled in
volts pk-pk and dBm.
The 'Common' output terminal is bonded electrically to the
chassis and in turn to the mains earth.
For greater frequency accuracy and stability a reference
signal may be coupled to the 'sync.1 socket. The sine wave
output of this socket may also be used to trigger ancillary
equipment such as an Oscilloscope.
The LFM^i offers the additional facilities of TTL output
when operating on square wave, and operation from internal
batteries as well as mains.
The LFP1 is the power version of the LF1 and offers all the
facilities of this model plus a power Amplifier capable of
delivering up to 3 watts into a 3Ω load over the audio
bandwidth of 25Hz to 20kHz.
The instrument is normally supplied wired for operation from
150V to 260V 50/60Hz inputs. With the exception of the LFP1
this operating voltage may be changed to 95-130V by an
internal wiring change. A mains 'ON' neon indicator is
located on the front panel.

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