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Singer 22W72 Naaimachine
Model: 22W72
Datum: 1926
Categorie: Home-elektronica
Groep: Naaimachine
                                    Machine 22W71 Γwith blower) has two needles and two sew ing
hooks and is designed for stitching and perforating leather
shoe tips, vamps, etc., at one operation. It Mimiltaneouslv
makes two parallel lines of lock stitching and perforates a
continuous design centrally between the two lines of stitch
I 111 ess otherwise ordered. Machine 22W71 will be fitted
for perforating with a single round punch, for other
perforating designs see I'orni 2026w.
Ί he distance between the two line-' of stitching mav be
from i to I ' in steps of nV", as ordered. In £ inch "aui^e,
only single punch perforations can be made, using I’uncli
Holder complete 246502, 246501 or 246506, and on nirycs this
machine is limited to a minimum radius of about one inch.
Imitation lip stitching is also successfully accomplished
011 the machine by placing' a row of perforations between
the two lines of stitching while sewing the shoe lining to
the vamp. A 1 -111 ■ ■ I■ ■ line of stitching with the row
of perforat 10ns. can also be made 011 the machine when
desired, alter removing one of the needles.
The machine can also be used for plain stitching onlv, the
punch mechanism being driven bv gears which can be thrown
into or out of action by a conveniently located lev er.
The punch mechanism can be instantly adjusted to perforate
the leather once every two stitches or once every three
stitches, as desired, enabling operators to produce
different ornamental effects.
Another advantage of the punch mechanism is that it can be
readily adjusted to perforate through one or more
thicknesses of leather when more than one thickness is being
sewn. This feature is especially appreciated when it is
desired to perforate onlv the upper piece of leather when
two or more pieces are being sewn together.

Machine 22W72 is the same as Machine 22W71 except that it is
not equipped with a blower.

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