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Singer 31-55 Naaimachine
Model: 31-55
Datum: 1942
Categorie: Home-elektronica
Groep: Naaimachine
                                    Machine 31-55 has two needles and two oscillating shuttle::
and Is designed for two-line vamping and staying In the
manufacture of shoes. It may also be used for stitching
waist belts, slippers or other articles In light or medium
weight leather where two parallel lines of fine stitching,
alike on both sides, are desired.
It Is provided with a roller presser, tension release, drop
feed and knee lifter and has an oil cup for lubricating the
thread. Thorn Is a clear working space of 10 1/4 Inches at
the right of the wheel.
The machine may be furnished In gauges from 1/32 Inch to
3/16 Inch for vamping, and from 3/32 Inch to 1/4 Inch for
staying, In steps of 1/32 Inch. The standard gauges are, for
vamping 1/32 Inch and 1/8 Inch, for staying 1/4 Inch.

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