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Singer 19w3 Naaimachine
Model: 19w3
Datum: 1939
Categorie: Home-elektronica
Groep: Naaimachine
                                    Machines of Class 19 w have one needle and a rotary hook and
are designed for making eyelets In cloth or leather. They
can be fitted to make eyelets having an Inside diameter of
3/52, 7/G4, 1/8, '9/64, 5/32, 3/16, 7/32 or 1/4 Inch as
desired. Unless otherwise ordered the machines will be
fitted to make eyelets having an Inside diameter of 9/64
Inch and extra spurs for 1/8 and 5/32 Inch eyelets.
The machines are equipped with a rotating ball bearing feed
and presser foot.
MACHINE NO. 19 w 1 makes one radial stitch at each movement
of the rotating feed during the first revolution of the
feed,then the radial stitches are locked at the desired
distance from the center of the eyelet by an Intersecting
line of stitches as the feed makes Its second revolution,
after which the eyelet, t·.· 111κ. finished the machine
stops automatically.
When desired, this machine can be fitted for stitching over
a cord or metal ring, adding considerable to the strength of
the eyelet.
MACHINE NO. 19 w 2 makes two radial stitches from the renter
of the eyelet to the circumference and two stitches on the
ivinm to the center, until the rotating feed has made one
revolution, after which the eyelet being finished the
machine stops automatically.
MACHINE NO. 19 w 3 makes one radial stitch at each movement
of the rotating feed, allowing the radial stitches after one
revolution of the clamp, to overlap until the machine Is
stopped by the operator. This machine Is used largely for
making eyelet,:; In shirts, shirt waists, underwear, etc.

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